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Greg Elmassian said:

OK, I’m assuming the person who voted on my reputation on 2 different posts here, it was not an “increase” reputation. Perhaps it was, but most likely not.

Assumption and facts do not go hand in hand. I thought you were a factual man? I can tell you it wasn’t me because as you know I have no issues stating my mind publicly.

However some good did come out of this as Maynard “Thanked” Fred!

I certainly did not think it was you Roos… anyway back to your regularly scheduled show… (

John Passaro said:

We all have our Croix to bear.

Maybe if things go quiet from time to time Gilbert could diversify a little. I have a couple of bear cameos on my RR and of course there is a good trade to be done in religious artefacts. (

Thanks to Henk Vanzijl and our Father Fred ( Fred Mills ) of the OVGRS, I have been busy copying parts from a 0-4-0 Switcher. This has made a great number of new listings for replacement parts on my website. This latest session started with a request from a Mr. Seldon of Texas needing a replacement for his broken Crosshead Slide Right.

In the coming weeks, a Pilot Truck for a C-16 is next in line to be copied.

“EGADSZOOKS”…Gilbert, you done good…

I hadn’t looked at Gilbert’s web page for quite a while, but with some spare minutes this morning, I browsed it.

I knew he had added some new parts, but had no idea, of the extent of his “Library”…

Great work, young fellow.

To others reading this;

Yes, I have helped Gilbert, along with others, but I still must thank him for stepping up, with this treasure trove of needed parts.

If anyone else is looking for a needed part, or see the future need for one…please let Gilbert know, and if possible, send him the part you need and he will make a new one…and at the same time, add the part to his library. (Rest assured…He does return your original part)

If you don’t have the part, sometimes the guys around here can find one for Gilbert…

NO…I DON"T GET FREE PARTS FROM GILBERT…I only get the opportunity to purchase parts that would not be available if not for GLX.

Fred Mills

Yes, I have to agree with Fred. Gilbert made some roller bearing end caps for my Arisocraft roller bearing trucks, I had lost one of the caps. The replacement cap Gilbert made is identical to the Aristo ones, and worked flawlessly.

And yes, Gilbert sent my truck back to me.

Gilbert at GLX, now has brake wheels…if you have a particular style/type you want…send Gilbert a sample and he may be able to produce them for you.

I have seen two styles similar to the Old Aristo ones…

Fred Mills

Its great the Gilbert is providing us with the parts that we need for our hobby. And he did a really good job on all of the parts that I have ordered from him.

I met Gilbert at the latest OVAR dinner meeting, here in Ottawa on Tuesday evening (May 8th)

He showed me some fresh, new samples of some more replacement parts…Aristo articulated locomotive owners will be happy…

He says he will be making an announcement shortly…on this forum…stay tuned…

Fred Mills

Yes, that’s right, Fred! I have been able to 3D print an Aristocraft Mallet Pilot, 21500-166. At first, the replacement part was made in several pieces before final assembly. Now, with my 3rd 3D printer, I am able to print it in one piece.

The new part is made with thicker vertical posts and has a brace running under the grill bars of the pilot to strengthen it further. It is also possible to mount it to the locomotive with 4 screws rather than just 2. These improvements should make the part stand up better from the odd branch, rock or debris lying on the track.

Photos are in a new album I just uploaded.

This printer is a Wanao Duplicator7 Plus.


GLX now has the HORNS, and Wipers for the Aristo FA1. They are even chromed. I’m sure he would make unpainted ones too, on demand.

He also now has the HORNS for the RS3.

Fred Mills

Fred Mills. said:

GLX now has the HORNS, and Wipers for the Aristo FA1. They are even chromed. I’m sure he would make unpainted ones too, on demand.

He also now has the HORNS for the RS3.

Fred Mills

What is the difference between the FA-1 and RS3 horns ? I’m just curious since you “strive” for accuracy? I’m pretty sure that the eastern roads used a modified Nathan on the early Alco RS-3 locomotives however the Alco FA1 seemed to prefer the Leslie. I also understand that all roads varied according to their,there,they’re needs. Me personally I’m a huge fan of the Nathan k5la …now that is a sweet sound…

Wait I forgot you don’t do sound as it’s an inferno noise as you have stated in the past so I’m thinking these horns that GLX has made are just for show and not really specific to any prototype.

Either way I thank and congratulate Gilbert on his work which I think will sell well for those NOT into “Prototypical Operations” as a few preach.



In case you are serious, and just don’t know what most people who are looking for these parts want…

All Gilbert is trying to do, is offer replacement parts, to replace what Aristo offered on the original models.

If some potential customers want a specific horn, or part, other than what Aristo provided, they can contact Gilbert, and possibly arrange for the specific part to be produced.

Accuracy is desirable for some, but not others.

Fred Mills

Fred Mills. said:

Accuracy is desirable for some, but not others.

Fred Mills

I totally understand Fredrick Mills …“Then why preach it”

Padre, Friar or whatever NICKNAME you prefer ?

The part numbers for the horns are different. The mounting base on the FA-1 is large and strangely tapered.

The great news is by making an exact replacement, people are not forced to buy 2 horns to match if only one is damaged on their FA.

The other bonus is getting it chromed to match… paint we can do, chrome nope.


Forgot to mention my parts came several days ago, packaged very nicely and quick!

Thanks Gilbert, my poor FA’s looked pretty poor without horns! By the way, the horns are silver, not shiny chrome, much better looking.


Thank you Greg Elmassian! I use chrome paint but the sprayer makes it sometimes apply as micro texture hence the silver. At least this is better than the black I use on my other part offerings.

Yes, I understand, just making it clear this is not the “shiny chrome” that you would find on the bumper of a model car for example.

Yes, waaaayyy better!


May I ask if it’s ok to copy the Nathan K5LA horns that LGB made for their Genesis series locomotives since they are no longer available as replacement parts? The K5LA is a very common horn and arrangements are endless with modern railroads. I believe they will help many modelers with their projects if allowed.