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Destinations for Waybills

Have used car-card waybills for over 30 years, makes “operations” more enjoyable. When I worked on the railroad (NYC-PC-CR) I would print train consist on trains operating between Chicago/St Louis and New York/Boston. That would give me access to origins both east and west of where I lived. I would make up a waybill for loads coming from somewhere off my rr to customers on my rr, also a destination for products originating on my rr. I also send & receive traffic from friends layouts. I also have waybills for traffic operating from my basement HO layout to me outdoor rr. Making up waybills I find to be very interesting. Since I model in the mid 60’s, if a waybill i found was billed lets say via UP, I would check out city of origin and then use my Official Guide to determine if that car on the UP was back then coming via the SP, MP, WP, CNW, or UP

Rick, so far on my RR I have MV Sandoval Distributing, Beer and Liquor. Box and refer cars, Routing would be Babs River Railway BRR Outer Main, west siding to BNSF Phoenix, AZ to destination. Abrasives & Equipment Sand Blasting media, and related equipment. Covered hopper cars, boxcars BRR Inner Track, North siding to UP to destination. Calebs Equipment Co. heavy equipment and and warehouse equipment. Flat and depressed center cars, BRR Turtle Rock sub, to BNSF inbound equipment mostly. I hope this is close to what you are looking for. Contact freight manager at Babs River Railway if more information is needed. Sincerely Pete Lassen Babs River Railway . Freight manager, chief of Operations, Conductor, yard operations supervisor.