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Camera Car with an iPhone?

Adam Dziuk said:

I rubber band my iphone 5s to the copula on a caboose and took this video…

Not very complicated. Watch your eyes!


Thanks Joe,

I just learned how to do that(


Jim Rowson said:

Tres cool! Any problems with it falling over when you swing it to the side? How smooth is the panning? Got any example video to show us?


To answer your question about falling over. The car is counter weighted on the swinging arm and also the underside of the flat car is weighted for a lower center of gravity. The panning is really smooth.

This is is some rough (unmodified) video testing I did at Jack Verducci‘s garden railroad in San Mateo.

ill try and get some more updated footage soon!

  • Colin


That was really cool. Some great footage there. I love it!

WOW Colin. That’s a great looking layout you have. The Crane Car is pretty cool too!

Since this ancient thread has new life I’ll post the video of my simple camera car that features on-board lighting…

C.V.S.Ry. Shops - Camera Car Upgrade - March 9, 2014 from Jon Radder on Vimeo.