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Brass cleaner

David Maynard said:

Sorry John. I wasn’t trying to make anyone quit. I didn’t intend to frustrate anyone. I was just trying to offer a useful trick that I use. But you know, thread drift, and other factors, sometimes make me regret trying.

I only meant adding to this list.

As a bench jeweler, we favored the blue wheels because they polish prong settings nicely and don’t leave scratches (on the stones)

i saw no need to go backwards to a ‘crude’ (say 50 years since introduction) bright boy, when tarnish is an easy foe.

That’s all …

“High luster polish wheels”??? I’m intrigued. Like Peter, I’ve used my fair share of Brasso, Never Dull, Ketchup and Fitz. Unfamiliar with the “high Luster Polish wheels”. Where do you find them?

There’s been a few changes since I retired from jewelry making, the blue wheels are pink.

We polished prongs on set stones, a place where you want to keep the metal for strength and wear.

A fine company to deal with, no problems.