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Better test rollers?

" Rooster " said:

I thought I just did ?

OK let me get out my “fowl language” translation book. So “they are not true” means No they don’t spin freely and “I use alligator clips on them as well” means they don’t transfer power well or not at all. Got it.

yes and yes

Success! Figured out a way to get power. K&S brass strip stock bent like an “L” connects the railhead to the inner race so the bearings still spin free!

I have the Aristo rollers and found the contact to the track gets dirty and needs cleaning. I use a piece of the LGB track cleaner rings to do this, and on the roller at the end I attach wires to my test track to insure good contact. I also have used the Trainli rollers and these cost more than the Aristo ones but I never had track contact issues. You get what you pay for in many cases.

Note I only used these rollers mentioned above on brass track.