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Artilary fungus from mulch

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Dan Padova said:

Shawn Viggiano said:

Steve Mitchell said:
Hi Rooster, I was talking plants for ground cover as a replacement for mulch. Just in case, you might want to wave the Stars and Stripes so they know your friendly.

I would stay away from mulch and go with a mixture of rocks and sedums. You really cant go wrong with any type of Sedums . They don’t require much watering, they spread nice, stay low except when certain types flower, the flowers look great, when you mix them together they look good, they are easy to pull up when they spread to areas you don’t want them, they have nice color in spring and fall.

I also like creeping Thyme but they tend to die back during the summer and they don’t always come back.

Shawn, how well do these do in full sun ?

This is one of my favorite some sort of Stonecrop (Im not sure of the names)

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Coral Carpet

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They do very well in full sun. I have used sedums both in shade and full sun. They are very hardy. Big difference is when in shade they don’t flower as well. Full sun they really look great.

Phlox is another great one I forgot about that I use all over. (Thanks for the reminder Rooster). Phlox Stays green year round and have the best flower’s in the spring. Stays fairly low. Most of the sedums of Phlox can be found at Lowes and Home depot. I love the look of thyme but be careful because it will die in spots and it does not always come back after winter in the Northeast.