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Another industry comes on line

The roof has been repaired and assembled in two pieces. Sign mounted and currently drying in place. Need to strengthen the roof with some gussets and supports.

Need to plate over the holes in the roof, texture paint the roof, and then install.

It’s all looking flat out awesome Bob, fantastic job.

Nice color and weathering choices on the sign, it really looks authentic.

It occurs to me that the plastic for the letters has indeed been around. Initially from Jon, then to Hollywood, then me, then back to you and Jon’s neck of the woods. Maybe a ten-year trip for that material. Kinda cool!

Getting close. Roof laid on to assist with fitment, and will be attached once I have the lines figured out.



Fantastic, Bob! Outstanding realism.

Will you leave it out all year? Or…? My back sympathetically hurts thinking about you picking that puppy up for winter storage, so I’m curious.

Somehow, when I came up with the name I envisioned a food truck size rather than a mega-factory.

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I don’t think I grasped the size of this building until the last pic shown. Very nice.

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Exactly Joe !
Marconi Macaroni could still be a fantastic backdrop of Camden Yards considering I know a a guy that knows a guy who is second cousins with a guy named Marconi who used to work for … Baltimore City Fire Department - Wikipedia

Not to mention it even has a harbor in the background for guys that are into “train car ferry’s” and tons of switching opportunities as well.

Just saying that’s all

Test weathering of the roof came out as desired. Now to wait out the weather and finish the rest.


We don’t wanna no leaky roof over our pasta. Fresh paint ev a ry three years Capiche ? :sunglasses:

Not seeing Macaroni or Marconi so I suppose …ahhhh doesn’t matter anyway!

200 tons per shipment… that’s a lotta pasta. I’d like to see the scampi on that.

Dang! Now I’m looking for the new intermodal yard and a fleet of Amtrak material handling cars for BD’s narrow gauge line. :innocent:

Roof almost done. Couple more details needed.


I love it the roof even looks good. great job :sunglasses:

I’m wondering if Camden Yards is on the backside of that industry ?