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Is there anybody who uses a 3d printer to make their models?
3D printing is a growing trend in the UK and Australian modelling circles.
So I was wondering of the trend is as big in the US as elsewhere.

I have two printers at the moment, and mostly use it to make windows, doors, some detail parts, signal heads, etc. Working on a flatcar at the moment.

Has anybody used wood infused PLA filament, experiences good and bad welcome.

I’ve been making parts for almost 8 years now (1:29 scale). I have tried many different filaments including SainSmart Wood PLA. That filament is a bit easier to sand and will take a stain but in my opinion it is unsuitable for outdoor use as it is prone to warping in the sun.

David Leech has been experimenting with a 3D printer with an extended vertical frame. He can print a complete coach. I haven’t heard that the filament works in sunshine/outdoors; I think he was testing it. He also printed a long station building.

I 3D print all my G Scale models using ABS on an A$800 FlashForge Adventurer 3 printer. I have had no problems with warping. I tend to increase the infill (the percentage of internal material) from the default 30% up to 50% or even 100% if I need strength in bogies, side rods, etc. A photo of my most recent project is attached. It is an 1886 Balwin which used to operate in the Australian Top End.
Peter Lucas

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I use a Creality CR 10 in a heat box, as well as a Creality CR 30 belt printer for large objects.
Was working on my first complete car when Spring arrived and I was steered to outdoor
projects. Will get back to it this Winter.

I use an Anycubic Mono X. My last major project was this loco.

Here’s the build thread.


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