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3D prinetr advice wanted

Dan, plan to print stuff for the G hobby and also maybe print stuff for another hobby that will involve heat and shock.


I do not know for sure, but hope they still encourage sketching out concepts. on my first week of employment all those many years ago, i did my first professional drawing. i still have it, because it was rejected. i was told to practice my lettering for the remainder of the week, to be just like everyone else in the shop, or i didn’t have a job. i worked at that job shop for three months and moved on, and have not looked back.

3d cad has come a long way.


Stuff for the G hobby can mean anything from a simple shim to body mount a coupler to an entire 3’ long modern passenger car. Most folks looking to get into 3d printing have a collection of files they intend to print. What specifically are you looking to do? Also, do you have a budget? As I mentioned before, 3d printers require a good bit of “tinkering” and generally the cheaper ones will need more frequent correction.

BTW: We have a hobby farm too and I have designed and printed various parts over the years for that as well.


Half the class would be wondering where the charging port is…