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2023 Summer Running - Post your pictures here

Thanks guys, I got the idea from Paul Mallery’s Bridge & Trestle Handbook, I didn’t do an exact copy, just my own interpretation. I wasn’t sure about timber supports for steel bridges until I saw this. I originally planned to cast some stone piers but these were much easier !

Thanks for that picture Gary. I have the tools and a lot of scale wood. Need to get busy!

No trains running so It’s technically not a “Summer Running” post from
But I did get a metric sh*t ton accomplished today in preps for an upcoming garden tour that I didn’t want to do anyway.
My first garden tour actually so technically the local museum is gonna take my cherry! It’s gonna be a hot one I believe so the forecast says so. However Hollywood is headed north for the event and others are welcome as well.


You have better looking track than the real Amtrak! Good luck with the tour. :+1:

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Have I got the perfect mate for you

@Eric_Mueller - I took the promised long shots and posted them in this thread: Candlewood Valley Scenic Railway Overview - Lots of pictures


Thank you as I respect/appreciate that !

A belated “Mahalo (Thanks!)!” I enjoyed virtually riding along!

We have pictures, and short videos; Just go to:, and link to “Mike’s Blogs”…enjoy…

It can also be found HERE. It’s nice that Mike does this - it’s a LOT of work and it shows.

Photo of my live steam Shay and log train on friend Jim’s layout. Pic taken by Pete T.

Had killer dinner this evening and now I’m …FeeLING A MASSIVE DUMP COMING ON !!!

Less than 2% grade at 75’ trust me.

C-130 on the ceiling?

Ok I did my “Summer Running” around the layout and I took pictures along the way as I ran!

However I didn’t, did not see any trains but it was a good run anyway. Just going for the overall outlook with plenty of photo ops no matter whatever your into…flowers, architecture, bridge ties, AMTRAK …etc?

(Guess you hit the Caps Lock by accident? :rofl:)
Those pics are massive. Most are over 4Kx3K, or 2MB, but LSC is showing them at 640x480. When I first looked, it took a while for them to show, as my internet is not the fastest. Heaven help the guys on dialup.

We were testing the Bachmann 2-6-0 that I just re-wired at the Spa Creek & McKendree [Naptowneng]. Coach on the back is my lengthened Aristo with 2 regular Bachmann J&S. Flatcars are a recent haul that I am now selling. [Anyone want a Trailer Train flat??]

Too let all know where these occurred

Ken was remembered and the garden tour attendees enjoyed the running of trains.

You all may recognize this famous individual. He and his wife stopped by in their incognito clothing.
and I think a few on here have been caught this way.
A great day was had, thank you for the invite Rooster

That’s all I got?

The museum tour went well today ( apparently on facebook already but I don’t do it)

I didn’t take many pics as I was busy.

Shout out to “Hollywood” for his assistance today even if my boy is still upset with you for waking him up in the middle of the night at 9:30am! "Get the f#%^ *&^^%$ BED AS THE TOUR STARTS IN A 1/2 hour!
However the boy staked claims on the rest of the doughnuts you arrived with this morning.

Thanks again Hollywood and apparently there were 70 adult tickets sold ! First time opening up “MY” railroad/home but it goes to a GOOD cause and something that needs to be passed on . ( Pete T…note no caps lock on this post) :laughing:


Ho Lee Crap Hollywood I forgot Santa was here !

ANDY/DAD The boy boy want’s the $20 that that you owe me cause that will feed him for a day !
You and Ken have/had him trained entirely too well.

Son, I’m not sure 20 bucks would even buy his breakfast… :slight_smile:

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Hi guys,
Okay, I’ll play. Here are a few from this morning.

A solid string of boxcars heads up the 2% grade north of Mirage:

Southbound at Mosca:

Waiting for a meet at Mosca: