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    • January 28, 2017 2:22 PM EST
      • New Bern, NC
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      N Scale find!

      Long story short....bought a house, estate sale, most/all of the home was cleaned out by heirs, however there was a bit of "stuff" left in the attic...just dug into it, found a partially finished N scale layout, boxes of N scale accessories, xtra track, a few locos, no rolling stock found yet, landscaping materials, model buildings, etc. 


      Haven't torn into it yet or tested anything...appears to be 70's-80's stuff (I messed with N scale back then), mostly Atlas switches and controllers at a glance....need to be done with the G scale ceiling layout/lighting first (newbie post in beginners forum), then.....we'll see....


      Couple transformers..."Railpower 1300"....will they work on LGB?




      P1020576.JPG (6.15 Mb)
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