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    • December 31, 2020 5:16 PM EST
      • Bundaberg, Queensland Australia
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      Ringbalin Light Railway HO Division

      I decided to build a HO layout in my shed so I can still do something with trains when it is.

      • a. to hot to work on the Large Scale layout (usually over Summer) or
      • b. it is to dark, i.e night time, to work on the Large Scale railway.

      It represents the Eastern end of the Kepnock Valley, the Western end is a Large Scale (G) railway Ringbalin Light Railway G Division: About the Railway ( which geographically occupies a part of my backyard; both layouts live in a portion of my imagination.

      The railway is built on a shelf in part of my shed, it is L shaped and measures 3 Metres (10Feet) x 3 Metres (10Feet) the shelf height being 1.3 Metres from the floor.

      The reason for the height is twofold;

      • I feel that HO layouts just look better and appear less toy like when viewed at close to eye height and,
      • It is planned to use the space underneath as a storage track area for my Large Scale (G) railway with a spur line coming in from the back yard. Blog of G layout; Ringbalin Light Railway G Division

      The power and control will be provided by an NCE "PowerCab" DCC controller, the decoders I am considering are "LAIS" recommended by some UK modelers they have basic direction and lighting functions. 

      Using DCC will be a first for me so a big learning curve coming up this year

      I have started a blog to record construction, lots of pictures and a couple of "how I did its" that may inspire someone with an indoor layout;
      Ringbalin Light Railway HO Division: About the Railway

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