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  • by Matt Hutson 10 minutes ago
    Hi guys,
    Thanks for the thanks! I have reached a good stopping point for today.
    All of the "A" end railings have been com...  more
  • by Ric Golding 45 minutes ago
    Rooster ' said:
     ...  more
  • by Pete Thornton 1 hour ago
    It has been a busy winter and the Train Fund is now depleted.  First action came when I received Peter K's Aster Reno.
    &nbs...  more
  • by Dan Hilyer 1 hour ago
    Inconvenient, yeah ........ but it's better than plunging to your death I suppose 
  • by Bill Barnwell 1 hour ago
    I wouldn't think so or at least I hope not as I like looking at all of them no matter what stage they are in, might not receive ...  more
  • by Greg Elmassian 1 hour ago
    Yes, that correlates with what TOC told me, that the owner of the molds and CMS got hurt bad in December, but has recovered, and...  more
  • by Bill Barnwell 1 hour ago
    Some really go looking figures in more ways than 1 but again no railroad ones, Just plain folk had some good ones but think the ...  more
  • by Cliff Jennings 3 hours ago
    Thanks for chiming in folks. I checked with them again, and their bar and breakfast areas will be up and running. So since the D...  more
  • by Ted Brito 5 hours ago
    My wife bought me a Ruby kit about 15 years ago for Christmas that I immediately assembled overnight, not going to bed until the...  more
  • by Dan Pierce 6 hours ago
    Rick, the 9 volt batteries will not last long with the 14 volt bulbs, so it may be less dollars in the long run to use rechargab...  more
  • by Ray Dunakin 14 hours ago
    Looking good!
  • by Ray Dunakin 15 hours ago
    Very nice!
  • by mike dorsch Sat at 9:53 PM
        Thanks Matt ! The shot filled in the voids between the auto wheel weights real good. These cars will track we...  more
  • by Stanley Ames Sat at 9:26 PM
    The EBT is one of my favorite railroads.  I have found memories of waking up one morning in 2011 at 3AM  so that I cou...  more
  • by Rooster ' Sat at 8:09 PM
    Freaking old guys .....
  • by Dan Hilyer Sat at 6:04 PM
    Leroy's Transfer & Warehouse - Build Log   I DID NOT FINISH
    I chose to go down a different path with my bui...  more
  • by Cliff Jennings Sat at 5:16 PM
    The parts for the pump all finally came in, with this glob being the 3d printed bits.
    The base was wonky, it curle...  more
  • by Tom Bowdler Sat at 1:42 PM
    From my reading it seems that the rule of thumb for Shays was 10 loads at 10mph.
    In the East they usually operated on poor track...  more
  • by Bill Barnwell Sat at 9:11 AM
    Boy you and Dave are just full of history today, Thanks, Bill
  • by Bill Barnwell Sat at 9:09 AM
    Thanks Dave, very educational, Bill
  • by Bill Barnwell Sat at 9:03 AM
    Eric, great job at the triple "O" kids really pulled it together, you still have the knack for staging, you and Tom Trigg, ...  more
  • by Forrest Scott Wood Sat at 1:29 AM
    Layers of creativity:"You know, I could make some.""You know, I could make a tool with which to make some."
  • by John Caughey Fri at 9:14 PM
    I use bees wax, naturally tacky. Makes a fine sticker oner.
  • by Stanley Ames Fri at 6:44 PM
    Accucraft AC83-122 Brass Short 1:20.3 Caboose
    Up for sale is a new Accucraft D&RGW Brass caboose #0578  - $175
     ...  more
  • by Ken Brunt Fri at 4:03 AM
    Greg Elmassian said:
    Ken, please read, no one asked to buy a new car because they have a flat tire. Another option that has noth...  more
  • by GAP Fri at 2:22 AM
    John Caughey said:
    Since most switches are momentary, I think you'd need another switch (dpdt) controlled by the turnout motor t...  more
  • by lorna dane Fri at 2:12 AM
    That looks really good.  Hm.... got a live steamer not really using.....
  • by Tom Grabenstein Thu at 9:57 PM
    Ric Golding said:
    Great work and great modeling.
    Doc, look back at the black and white picture of the station.  Not on ti...  more
  • by Jason V. Thu at 7:01 PM
    Korm, That is so very true.