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  • by Ted Doskaris 1 hour ago
    Dan, Nicely done. What type printer did you use to make the example box?
    One thing to watch out for is pilot warpage on some of ...  more
  • by Paul Burch 2 hours ago
    Give this a try.
  • by Nico Corbo 5 hours ago
    Looking good
  • by Dan Pierce 8 hours ago
    A DCC decoder programmed for the engine would have more features even when run on DC and for less $$ than the Phoenix. 
    I a...  more
  • by John Passaro November 17
       Love it. In my next life I'm coming back as an Amtrak modeller.
  • by Michael Glavin November 17
    GAP said: 
    I have a question;
    Is a 4S 2P battery, which I believe is 2 lots of 4 cells in series that that are connected in...  more
  • by Forrest Scott Wood November 17
    Tommy Mejia said:
     I am looking at the 1870's Carter Brothers board and batten coach and combine.
    Tommy...  more
  • by GAP November 17
    Some more questions;
    1. For the bents what are the dimensions that folks used of each individual upright post. 
    I have 19mm...  more
  • by John Caughey November 17
    Eric Schade said:
    So, do you see the ties flashimg by when you flush?
    I remember that!
    Made the 'no flushing in station' sign ne...  more
  • by Dan Hilyer November 17
    Cool video, Jim.  Love the sound of the shay.
  • by David Maynard November 17
    I run Tyco trains to torque off the rivet counters, and because so many people like to see the trains they played with as kids, ...  more
  • by David Maynard November 17
    Pete Lassen said:
    wow that sucks, working on a deal that far then he moves on. Got a name for this guy, once you have agreed on ...  more
  • by Rooster ' November 16
    John Caughey said:
    Cliff Jennings said:
    From your photos John, it seems like you've gotten your layout back in great shape. At l...  more
  • by charles fernette November 16
    Thank you for your reply.
  • by Chuck Cole November 16
    Nice video, can someone tell me if the first 3 cars behind the tender have steel frames? Where the truss rods should be looks li...  more
  • by Forrest Scott Wood November 16
    Here's a reference for use when talking about why model trains have the prices they do.
    Inflation sucks.
    Got curious what this 3...  more
  • by Forrest Scott Wood November 15
    Ross Mansell said:
    Now,  if only I could afford the B class model steam loco!
    This is the closest to that which I could aff...  more
  • by Forrest Scott Wood November 15
    Pete Lassen said:
    have to wonder how much Coke paid to do this, I would like to see the whole thing after its donce
    I can answer...  more
  • by Paul Burch November 15
    One more link that has some good info.  F unit info on page 2.  more
  • by Jason V. November 15
    Thank y’all for the help. It is that the ink doesn’t bend..old style. And Stan, for an easy fix of Just taking the r...  more
  • by Eric Mueller November 15
    I showed Oldest Daughter how to do the washes...
    ...and the next day, I did something I've never done before.&nbs...  more
  • by Forrest Scott Wood November 14
    Hey, cool, the gang over at Starship Modeler space and sci-fi modeling forum is also talking about this, and several have said t...  more
  • by Joe Zullo November 14
    I just did it on my channel. It's no big deal and only took like 30 seconds.
  • by Eric Mueller November 14
    Our local chapter of the Civil War Round Table (and, I am proud to say, Oldest Son) always decorates graves at Oahu Cemetery, wh...  more
  • by Ken Brunt November 14
    Jan Golding said:
    Yes, it runs on 7.5 inch track.  Windy, overcast and a cold front made it drop to high 50's, today. ...  more
  • by Ric Golding November 13
    13 November, 2019 - Ridge Live Steamers, Dundee, Florida
    Made it to the Ridge Live Steamers, yesterday afternoon.  Rig is...  more
  • by Ric Golding November 13
    They just get better!  Very nice.  Love the vertical boiler!  What a kick. 
  • by Ric Golding November 13
    Good looking set!  Thanks for thinking of me guys.  Anything EBT is always cool!  You can have almost anything, i...  more
  • by Craig Townsend November 13
    I can send some decals your way. You asked a while back and I forgot. 
    Frustrating to get so close and then...  more
  • by Bill Barnwell November 13
    I used Dawn and water mixed in a soapy solution