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Recent Topics

  • by Jon Radder 6 minutes ago
    Nice.  The city scene was the best. Love the antique traffic !!!
  • by Bill Barnwell 46 minutes ago
    yep, these were all 2010,2020, or 2015 at 1 time or another   Great runners
  • by " Rooster " 1 hour ago
    Dan Hilyer said:Devon, I hate to rain on your parade, but I don't believe HP was around in 1890 
    Ya' know I was curi...  more
  • by Cliff Jennings 1 hour ago
    Here is (was?) his F scale indoor layout, 
  • by David Maynard 2 hours ago
    Devon Sinsley said:
    I can't leave you guys alone
    No. I told my supervisor at my last job that I am not supposed to be out withou...  more
  • by Ken Brunt 5 hours ago
    Cleverness abounds...................
  • by Red 8 hours ago
    Thank you.
    When Barry shipped me my drives he sent me dimensioned drawings which looked very similar to what Greg has posted. No...  more
  • by Greg Elmassian 10 hours ago
    Big difference in the number of them out there... lots of Aristo locos that sold in the $400 to $600 range.
    A lot fewer o...  more
  • by Devon Sinsley 10 hours ago
    Doc you seem preferential to cranes and loaders
  • by Dan Hilyer 11 hours ago
    Dang, the back looks better than the front   and your weathering on the barrel looks much better than mine 
  • by Dan Hilyer 11 hours ago
    Dave Taylor said:
    Oh... BTW, I learned early on in my car building career , Save the underside st...  more
  • by Ric Golding 11 hours ago
    22 February, 2019 - The Ridge Live Steamers is having their Winter Meet this weekend.  Great fun!  Over a 100 people w...  more
  • by John Passaro Fri at 8:42 PM
       Here's another video, Ross and Alan:
  • by Andy Clarke Fri at 8:13 PM
    Have to agree, a very nice well constructed set of cars..     
  • by " Rooster " Fri at 7:25 PM
    Lou Luczu said:
    Please display at the table in "The Alcove", then to the D&B.
    Possibly the Alcove if it's finished.
  • by " Rooster " Fri at 7:14 PM
    One simple stupid note that you will understand. Perhaps your conduit is pushing upward when closing because you don't have it s...  more
  • by Greg Elmassian Fri at 6:29 PM
    I found the video from Loco Lee (Lee Wheelbarger) and it was only 4  LEDs, my mistake.
  • by Eric Warhol Fri at 5:05 PM
    When I did my PS2 hopper I also found that going from HO scale weathering to G scale weathering was difficult, it's a much bigge...  more
  • by Mike Toney Fri at 1:24 PM
    Updated the add, dropped the price a bit and broadened the trade catagory a bit.    Mike
  • by Richard Mynderup Fri at 1:15 PM
    I appreciate all the advice...believe it or not I'm starting get a better idea of how this all works.  The issue with the L...  more
  • by Andy Clarke Fri at 11:52 AM
    Nice work...   
  • by Alan Lott Fri at 11:27 AM
    There are others and maybe more to come.
  • by Jim Rowson Fri at 11:17 AM
    Great looking railroad!
  • by Joe Zullo Fri at 9:11 AM
    " Rooster " said:
    Balls deep!
     ...  more
  • by Dan Pierce Fri at 7:51 AM
    Finally found the reed sensor at
    ML-Train 80501013
     ...  more
  • by Ross Mansell Fri at 4:39 AM
    Seller  missed his true vocation of comedian.
  • by Pete Lassen Thu at 8:28 PM
    Mike these are incredibly helpful, I would love to do some things like this , so your build logs are sort of like a blueprint an...  more
  • by Jim Agnew Thu at 7:44 PM
    Make sure the transmitter and G3 are on the same frequency, if you had the G3 powered on without having the transmitter on, the ...  more
  • I believe that is the case as far as i know from family. I just don't have full verification of it just yet. But that was what I...  more
  • by Devon Sinsley Thu at 5:06 PM
    That looks dang convincing. Both yours and Dennis' in the link