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    • October 22, 2018 12:35 AM EDT
      • Austin, Arkansas
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      Temporary MTS Switch Decoder

      I have a problem with some LGB Mikados derailing on a couple of brass LGB Electric R3 turnouts.  Unfortunately the problem turnouts are relatively inaccessible. 


      While I have not been running the trains under MTS I intend to start doing it with the locos that have LGB factory installed decoders.


      The MTS will be run with either LGB or Massoth central stations and either LGB Remotes or Massoth Navigators. All the turnouts are LGB, electric and manually (remotely) activated. I have no plans to permanently convert to LGB or Massoth switch decoders.


      It occurred to me that what I need is a temporary MTS switch decoder that I can use by disconnecting the wires from the turnout switch to the turnout    and rerouting those wires to an LGB or Massoth switch decoder so that I can drive a Mikado via MTS to the turnout and using MTS to switch the turnout while I can watch it and see if the Mikado derails.  While some sort of switching device could be built, it would have to have the ability to reverse polarity and by the time I build anything it would probably be easier just to buy an LGB or Massoth switch decoder and not mess with it. 


      Another option would be to use an Aristo-Craft Revolution to activate the turnout motors (I might have a Revolution switch control around here somewhere).


      Is anyone doing anything like this and if so is it working well? 

    • January 19, 2019 8:00 AM EST
      • Eastern Massachusetts
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      I use the Aristo 27mhz epl controller 5475/55475 and tied it to track power.  It works with my DCC of 24 volts on the track plus as long as there is 6 volts on my DC track (engine just barely moving) it also works due to the built in DC to DC converter.  You can use the 5474/55474 also and use a 18 volt light on output C and know there is power on this receiver.

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