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Northeast Large Scale Train Show

From the Amherst Railway Society Newsletter. A new show called the Northeast Large Scale Train Show will be held on April 28 & 29, 2023 at the same venue as the Amherst RR Hobby show (All Scales) in Jan. This does NOT take the place of ECLSTS which is on April 14th and 15th. (Was discussed before in another thread but I’m trying to make it clear that this is NOT ECLSTS) :roll_eyes:

I’m happy to hear of another "Large Scale Train Show, but am wondering if two shows so close together will just split an already shrinking market.
Will dealers/distributors want shows so close together, and will customers go to both shows so close together ?
I do hope they are both successful, but I won’t be going to either, due to travel distance, and border/health issues. As if anyone cares !!
Fred Mills :smiley:

The shows are about 6 hours driving distance apart and from the conversation I’ve seen on Facebook, few are willing to travel half that! Also, I don’t know about a “shrinking market” as all model railroad scales have experienced a huge growth since covid.

Biggest reason I go to shows is to see the people I normally don’t see during the year. I’m planning to go to both shows, always a good way to start the train season off.

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If i recall correctly the ECLS show folks started out by asking if someone was willing to step in and take over, then apparently decided to continue. will be interesting. have only been to the ECLS Show once, but west Springfield is one hour away, so i will attend.


I’ll likely make the trip as well. With ECLSTS moving South it put it out of my comfortable range. Springfield is less than two hours. Might get a room, or just come up for one day.

That is good news. I just hope that this year covid doesn’t resurface to shut down the January show like it has the last few years AND if the blizzards could hold off that weekend like it didn’t last year we could have a great show again.

Hmmm maybe it will not be as crazy as the Bid E train show…Hmmm might bring the grandsons… I like to visit friends as well .

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Am I allowed to attend ?

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Not sure what Fred was talking about What I think he was talking about was money. I have been known to spend what I call a lot at the Jan. show and he is right I would not recover for April.

Looks like a friendly place to meet a few members. Think they might have a corner we can commandeer? :sunglasses:

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I most likely cannot be there the whole time, but most assuredly Rockwall Canyon RR will be there! Love the idea of having an all Largescale show at Springfield.

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Who’s layout are going to be there …
Maybe we will get some updates getting closer to the date.

I’m certain the New Hampshire Garden RR Society will be there (I’m a member). The Connecticut and Maine clubs most likely and I know the Hudson Valley Club is interested. I believe their are 5-6 modular clubs within an hour or two. John mentioned arranging secure storage for those attending both the Jan and this show. The idea of open houses was also mentioned in Zoom meeting I attended a few months back.

Might be a bit early in the year but I might be able to have an open house here that Sunday.


i hope you do, and bring dave marconi with you

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Never heard of the guy myself.

Pat; I’m agreeing with you, whole heartedly.
The main reason several guys up here, and I went to the old ECLSTS in York was to meet all the great people we met there, and got to be friends with. Yes we always came home with a bit of “Swag” from the show, but the great FRIENDSHIPS that started at the show were of the greatest value you could get, and all contributed to wonderful memories, never to be forgotten.
Today travelling is not easy for me, and the length of the trip keeps most of us, here at home, also considering the border crossing and the resurgence of Covis…
I really hope both the shows are a great success, and many new friendships can again be started at the shows.
All it takes is somebody to find a convenient meeting place, a few refreshments, and a great time can be had by all.
After-all, 50% of our great hobby is socializing, and sharing knowledge, experiences, and ideas, face to face, where you get to know the REAL people you share the hobby with, often many miles apart.
Fred Mills

No you are not allowed to attend!

Latest on the show. I alerted John that Drag and Drop should be Drag and Brag.

Al P.