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    Woodinville MOW Shack
    It's got working lights as well, sits on the edge of my staging yard area. Anyway I will post more photos if people are interested. 
    Back to the workshop and finishing all the other million and one projects.
    USA Trains Heavyweights in transit
    I put the two on the baggage/parlor car.  I don't think there will be any problem. I tested it on about a 6' radius in my staging yard. No problem.  I doubt anyone will be able to use the one for the diner.  I'm hoping to get some pho...  more
    Mik 2020 -- Mama's No Ka Oi Bakery
    Eric, great job at the triple "O" kids really pulled it together, you still have the knack for staging, you and Tom Trigg, I still remember the sugar baron war staging, keep up the good work, Bill 
    My current indoor layout
    Though intended as a staging area, it does look like the indoor layout has room to grow if needed.  
    T&D Feeds 10 years and counting....
    Craig Townsend said:
    I haven't been able to build the layout very far yet (other than the staging in the garage) because I didn't do a proper survey. Now that I have a borrowed a surveyors equipment it's just a matter of finding time now. 
    Your lucky...  more
    Challenge Accepted - Large Scale Fantasy Locomotive
    Back from my professional obligations, I took another crack at this.  The Triple O crew chief shows the rough parameters of the issue on our 45mm gauge picnic table / staging yard / locomotive shop / craft area:
    A scan of material at the hardw...  more
    A staging Yard Solution
    Ya know, you don't have to cross over or fool with a helix. Down in the SW you have another solution:
    The Ophir Loop;
    See, you don't even need a box canyon, throw up a couple of spectacular trestles and touch a foreign wall....
    A staging Yard Solution
    John Passaro said:
      ...I could turn one entire loop (of the two loops on the ground) into what would amount to a very long helix, kind of like the Georgetown Loop up there in Idaho Springs. Again, it would be quite an undertaking.
     ...  more
    A staging Yard Solution
    No double track shown, John; so there would not be any "Overtaking" in overtaking a train on the parallel track....!!
      Fred Mills
    A staging Yard Solution
    John Passaro said:
       Thanks, Fred. I'm not finding Mike's Blog. Can you point me in the right direction.
      Also, I was sitting out back watching trains run around and had a crazy idea...I could turn one entire loop (of the two loops...  more