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    RGS Operations
    Narrow gauge operating session.

    Sams semi automatic L&P coupler
    Neat.  I had never heard of a SAMS coupler before today.
    Looking at these pictures:
    Why not start with a commercial casting such as those available from Ozark Miniatures?    That, plus the pictures over at Narrow Gauge Discussion shoul...  more
    SPng Pilot Plow
    Hey folks, 
    This may be a long shot but I am looking for plans for this pilot plow that was mounted on the Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge engines. I have searched everywhere I can think of with no luck. I am hoping someone has some NG gazettes lying a...  more
    Beating the Boredom - NENG Short Combine Kit
    While I am waiting for some cooler weather to try my Ford Canyon Red on the Emily coach, I dragged out a "kit" for a 26' coach made originally by Ted Stinson of Northeast Narrow Gauge. Ted passed a few years ago, and my kit must be 10-15 yrs old. He was t...  more
    Page Not Found for Ad
    Thanks for the concern with the link guys! I'm sure Bob will get it figured out.
    Since Garden Railways pulled the plug, in addition to a banner ad here, I will now be advertising in the Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette.
    TCS WOW Steam 501
    Ok, as usual I have the weirdest problems with electronics. I was going to swap decoders from another engine when I decided to try it one more time. I brought the engine into my O scale narrow gauge layout, removed the airwire 60, hooked it up to the serv...  more
    Thoughts on LGB switches, 1200 vs. 1500 series
    As I'm now in the design period of my garden RR, I'm looking at switch size, I have already collected 8 of the large 1600 series LGB switches, but would still like to purchase another 6 or so. Since my railroad will be all narrow gauge and the biggest eng...  more
    Another aspect of old time logging
    Thanks Rick, great topic.
    The V&T had a sister company, the Carson & Tahoe Lumber & Fluming Company, which had mills at the south eastern coast of Lake Tahoe, and a narrow gauge RR that hauled the lumber up to the crest at Spo...  more
    Building 1:20.3 narrow gauge CP Huntington Single
    Tommy, it is looking good, there is a Delton brass one on EBay and they only want $5,000 for it so you better put yours under armed guard
    Building 1:20.3 narrow gauge CP Huntington Single
    So I almost have her bolted together.  The smoke box still needs to be secured.  With lead weight in the smoke box and boiler it was time for her maiden run.  Put her on the track and she did the full outer loop no problem.  Went in to...  more
    Track longevity by brand
    Rick Marty said:
    I got about 500 feet of replacement ties from AMS ( for code 250 narrow gauge) in 2014 because the originals from 2005 had all gone to crap.  We moved in 2015 and I started the new RR in 2016 and put the new ties on the rail an...  more