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    Topic: SD60f Build
    Canadian National SD60f Build
    This build will require an Aristocraft SD45, 2 pieces of aluminum angles 1/16” x 3/4” x 25 1/2”, 3 USA trains SD70 roof fans and DB fan, and lots of styrene....  more

    Cast Resin Frogs and points?
    No I have not thought about that. Hum that might be a good step between resin and aluminum.
    Switchcrafters right hand curved turnout.
    Aluminum, Right-hand, Code 250, MR60"x48", NG Stock #: AR250-MR60x48-NG Kit Option: Fully Built Switch Micro-Switch: Micro-Switch Opt. Throw Mechanism: NO Throw Tie Length: 3.5" Tie Length Weathered Rail: Weathered
    New never used.
    Included switch stand.$1...  more
    Track Identification needed
    I have been trying to find out the source of some code 250 Aluminum flex track that my brother gave me in exchange for some code 332 aluminum flex track he needed.  the under side of the ties read MAR Tech  made in Canada  PHS Rail.  I...  more
    Which way do you control your trains
    Dan Gilchrist said:
    I see some folks who responded felt the need to offer additional info.
    I only added "on aluminum rails" assuming everyone knows aluminum is less costlier then other alloys and never needs to be cleaned when using batteries.
    Adam...  more
    Fire Ants, how do get rid of them?
    That I just had to Google!
    University of Redlands
     University of Redlands students work with Dustin VanOverbeke, biology professor, and Raúl Acero and Qwist Joseph, studio art professors, to create an aluminum cast of an underground col...  more
    Fire Ants, how do get rid of them?
    Not recommending this, but I remember watching a video on YooToob where some guys poured molten aluminum into the nest.  Got rid of the ants and made a beautiful freeform sculpture once they were done!  Probably should not have menti...  more
    Which way do you control your trains
    Li-ion battery, 2.4ghz. Revolution RC and MyLocoSound  in all locos on aluminum rails.
    Li-ion battery packs and LED lighting in all passenger cars and cabooses.
    In the future, I'd like to try the 2.4ghz. Revolution DCC  RC with battery, but real...  more
    Another Lame Duck - NENG Railtruck
    The rear wheel may also be able to accept pickups as well,
    I think the rear wheel (pair) is a goner. It seems to be homemade aluminum, and is probably hopeless at conducting power! Decent wheels and some wipers should solve the pickup problems.  Migh...  more
    Which way do you control your trains
    I'm indoors using aluminum rail.  All engines are R/C battery with G Scale Graphics Railboss 4 control.  
    UPDATED: Ron's ALCANEX model RR in Alaska
    The layout is approximately 220 feet across and is entirely elevated except for the Sulphur Springs Wye, which was also rebuilt in 2020. Much of the original aluminum track has now been upgraded with bendable brass track. I have had to do some considerabl...  more