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  • Topic: Wire Connections for LGB Mogul Pulse Generator

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    • November 10, 2019 7:03 PM EST
      • McLean, VA
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      Wire Connections for LGB Mogul Pulse Generator

      I'm installing a Massoth XLS DCC Sound Decoder into an LGB 26194 Mogul Locomotive.....replacing the defective MTS/Sound board.  I'm going to connect the LGB factory-installed pulsed generator already in the loco's motor block but I'm not sure of the connections to the XLS pulsed generator's socket.  Below is the pin arrangement for the XLS decoder.  Does anyone know which of the LGB three-pin wire corresponds to the Massoth decoder's requirements.  I'm going to splice in a Massoth three-pin connector to fit into the decoder's socket.



      Tom White

      LGB Railfan - LocomotivesPro


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