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    • June 5, 2016 10:54 AM EDT

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      Another early streamlined / art-deco diesel

      Guys addicted to the 'art deco' diesels of the 30's might like the prototype of my 1.7"-project I dealt with over the last four years:

      Union Pacific's M-10005 'City of Denver'

      Unfortunately - caused by the space restrictions of my row house and the other trains already gathered in the basment/garage - my consist incorporates only the A&B-unit and the first car, the aux. power baggage. Anyway I still haven't really solved the problem of transport to the next live steam club's tracks. However, I even like the look of a static display. As usual, the A&B-units currently lacking the lettering - I'm always dabbling with this part of modeling.

      Once again I had an ugly start of the shell...

      It turned out a bit better after application of glass-fiber

      A shot with the B-unit

      Unfortuantely Pullman decided on riverting the body - and they set many, many rivets. Iused cheap small round-headed nails as a substitution...more than 8.500 for each unit

      And with all the rivets and necessary heralds - the A-unit

      and the B-unit

      A picture of the battery-powered driveline (only the A-unit is powered) - four PM-motors of roughly 1hp each, each truck with two motors, its own controller (connected in a master-slave ste-up) and a set of three serial connecteed 12V car-batteries.

      The aux. power car which I hope to finish this year

      I'll remove the radiator blowers over the power compartment - their application does not fit to the time range of yellow-and leaf brown outfit.

      The 'Napoleon-hat'-trucks gave some additional problems with digging for correct photos (there were several designs with different positions of the brake cylinders).

      The A-unit is app. 9'6" long, the B-unit 8'6" and the baggage car 10'6".




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    • June 5, 2016 11:09 AM EDT
      • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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      Oh wow! More cool non steam stuff. Nice work


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    • June 5, 2016 11:19 AM EDT
      • Vail, Az
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      Beautiful work, it's great that you do the early Pioneers of diesel/gas/electrics.





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    • June 5, 2016 11:43 AM EDT
      • Newton, KS
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      Wow, that is nice. I love the early streamliners also.   My 2906 I made. I did change the brown color though.

      Use and Aristo pacific as the base.  4" 90 degree plumbing piece sliced for the front.



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