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    • February 12, 2016 9:24 AM EST
      • Cape Cod,
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      I'm like the rest Pete and run a combination of cars from several manufacturers and my own creations.


      Rule #1 When it comes to model RR there is a prototype for everything.

      Rule #2 There are no rules and if you like to see it running on your RR then by all means do it. 

      Above all Have FUN and run what you like.   your eyes will tell you if the cars look good together.


    • February 12, 2016 9:26 AM EST
      • West Grove, Pennsylvania
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      Ric Golding said:


      Is that the new shed storage trackage?  Doesn't look like the old garage tracks.  Nice picture!  Looks really good!

      Yup, nothing left in the garage except the engines and some logging cars.


      "Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." --Martin Luther King Jr

    • February 12, 2016 1:07 PM EST
      • Taos, NM
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      I do what Dan Pierce has done.  I've changed everything to hook and loop couplers.  They of course don't look as prototypical, but they hold together for all day running, on my present uneven ground level track.  They are also cheaper than Kadees, although the Kadees look great and are prototypical of course.  I run my AMS cars only with each other with their couplers, but everything else, USA, Aristo, Bachmann, LGB connects well with the hook and loops.  I am presently constructing an elevated railroad (if the snow ever melts), which will provide a more level and even track, (and I won't have to crawl around on the ground any more!).  When completed, I might consider converting to Kadees then because they look so great...if I have any money left after the benchwork construction.  

      I've never paid much attention to pairing different brands together (other than AMS because of their size and scale).  All the others look fine together to me.  I use metal wheels as I have found that there added weight seems to help keep the cars bit more stable, and the track cleaner.  But it comes down to what you want to do.  It's your railroad to have fun with!


      Rich Niemeyer

      Taos & Chili Dust RR

    • April 3, 2016 11:50 AM EDT
      • Kokomo, Indiana
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      I have a mix of LGB, Hartland/Kalamazoo and Delton freight cars, along with Kalamazoo engines.  I change everything to LGB knuckle couplers other than the Euro 2 axle cars.  I keep one USA Reefer with a knuckle on one end and a hook/loop on the other as a conversion/transition car.   I tend to stick with the smaller scales like LGB's loose 1:22.5 and Hartland/Delton/Kalamazoo 1:24th.  My little railways, both indoors and out have R1 curves, larger rolling stock and engines look out of place.  Scale and rivet counting is not allowed outdoor, just fun with trains and plants.   My HO scale layout is where scale is held in higher places.  Only cars not in my normal garden scale are my wife's USA wood side beer reefers.  But still look OK behind the Kalamzoo Americans, just have to watch the weight, to much and its hard on the gears and they tend to slip out in the "S" curve on the outdoor layout.  Train lengths are kept short, just like they were in the days of the 4-4-0 American type.   I prefer the LGB knuckle, even though its way out of scale as it not only pivots with the trucks, but the knuckle head pivots as well. This helps when I back trains thru the tight curves and 1200 series turnouts.  Mike

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