Bashing a Farm wagon

The DS&RG bought 5 farm wagons from 'Iron Horse Supplies' not long ago.

The shop guys looked them over and realized they are made of Alum sheet and are glued together. This fact made it easy to do a bit of bashing to the first one. I pulled the seat off, then took the foot-board off, then cut off the top boards of the body, flush to the top of the bottom boards. I then took the tailgate off.

Now the Foot board had been mounted too low on the front of the bottom board of the body using two pins, I'm going to mount it at the top of the front board of the body. The Footboard has two [2] pins that had held it on the front of the wagon, I bent these up to about a 10 degree angle, then cut off all but a 1/16th of them. I centered the footboard at the top of the body, and used 'GOOP' to glue it at the 10 degree angle. Refer to the photo.

Now for the Seat, I measured up from the bottom of the back rest 1/4 inch. I then took my razor saw and cut off the excess. Next I used two pieces of brass flat stock I had on hand, and cut 2 pieces at 1 3/4 inches long. Next step was to bend the 1/2 inch of the brass at a 90 degree angle, this makes a fast and easy mounting bracket for the seat. I then used 'Goop' to glue the two brass pieces to the bottom of the seat at the outside edge. Once this was cured enough to handle, I 'Goop'ed the seat brackets to the inside of the front body board, centering it.

You now have a nice model of a Spring wagon.

A Photo to compare the two

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