Build Log: Building The CR&N, a first timer's layout. Part III

Part I

Part II


OK so to provide and update. The patio is poured which includes the pad for the yard cabinet. The patio extends across the west side of the house to the south where the layout is.



There were some challenges along the way. The largest issue was the location of my septic tank lid. It needed to be located so that I did not pour the pad over the lid. So I located it.



I used this pipe and a cement lid to make access easier. It will be buried 6" below the surface.


It did end up in the way. So the yard had to be moved. I twisted it a bit. This is the new layout.



So I had to dig out the old sod and form up the area. I did this in three stages because I poured this by mixing by hand.


And this is what it looks like now. So for the numbers people

1 1/2 yards of 3/4- base rock or about 3500#s unloaded by hand and wheelbarrowed to the back yard.

112 60# and 29 80# bags of concrete with only 8 60# bags left over. Which is 9,040# of concrete loaded, unloaded, wheelbarrowed to the backyard, then lifted into the mixer.


I don't even know how much dirt was moved to the side yard to make way. It was a lot of hard work. but I am happy with the results and I am worn out.


Next up will be to bring power from the garage to the patio and layout. This is mainly for adding lighting to the patio for now but will serve to run the power needs of the layout. Also before much else can be done the siding will need to be addressed.


I can begin work on the cabinet for the yard.


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  • Sean McGillicuddy
    Sean McGillicuddy Devon great progress!
    June 8, 2016
  • Travis Dague
    Travis Dague Looking God Devon, I hope sometime to get a start on a outdoor layout..
    November 18, 2016