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    LGB white pass Alco to Ft. Worth & South-Western
    Just finished the re-build of an LGB White Pass Alco 2055. This engine now supports the Ft. Worth & South-Western railroad new diesel engine paint scheme. Other engines to follow at a later date, possible a LGB 22560 Santa Fe Alco and an LGB 2063 dies...  more
    LGB 2055 Alco Rebuild
    If you ever wanted to repaint an engine or a piece of rolling stock this is what a pile of parts looks like, or the way I would do it. This LGB 2055 a White Pass & Yukon engine is getting a redue at the Lenheiser Shops for the Ft. Worth & Southern-Western...  more
    Some running shots.
    A couple shots of my 7/8 scratch built critter and cars, Mike's White Pass run by and and Jerry's ore drag.
    WP&Y new locomotives
    No need for facebook or what it has to say....the research is at the fingertips. Was my understanding that.....never mind as I'm wrong...
    new white pass diesels
    "Hey but they are Alcos yes I am an Alcohaulic"
    Your closing line made me chuckle.  I am a bit of an ALCOhaulic as well, since my favorite little live steamer is based on an ALCO WWI era 60cm gauge trench locomotive.  I...  more
    new white pass diesels
    I seriously doubt going much beyound the border.  They laid new ballon track and the line to white horse all but abandoned.
    Right now Canadian authorities are not allowing cruise ships to dock.  Since all Carnival ships are foreign flagged tje J...  more
    new white pass diesels
    I do find myself wondering...perhaps these locomotive purchases are an indicator the 'White Pass and Yukon' will fully reopen?  As in all the way to Whitehorse? And maybe beyond, a bit - seem to recollect a mine or three near Whitehorse...
    new white pass diesels
    And a few of the Alcos are going to the Durango and Silverton.   That will give them big motive power to run when fire danger is high, so trains can keep running.   More Alcos that one can go see without going to Alaska to see these na...  more
    new white pass diesels
    My understanding is the newer colors will mirtor those used on the Csrnival cruise ships.
    new white pass diesels
    Hmm, curious to see it, could they have chanced to revive Rock Island's "Rocket Freight" livery?
    This is to be the last of the locomotives painted in the railroad’s traditional green-and-yellow paint scheme...  more