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    Videos from your layouts ?
    Greg Elmassian said:
    not sure what "scenes you are talking about"
    15 is the number of passes between people with white shirts as it requests you count...
     ...  more
    Videos from your layouts ?
    not sure what "scenes you are talking about"
    15 is the number of passes between people with white shirts as it requests you count...
    they make a pass just as the video starts... also you quickly see that they only pass among the 3 people with white...  more
    Jan and Ric's Great Adventure - 2018
    Thanks for reading my rants, guys.  The White Creek Railroad was very interesting and I think we will put it on our extended visiting list next year.  Big excitement to me was that they ran 6 passenger trains an hour and they went many different...  more
    Headlight Lenses
    Try . They do watch crystals. For class lamps and the like, look for the date magnifiers. I used their 6.5mm date magnifiers in my LGB White Pass kitbash. They make domed crystals (down to 8 or 9mm, I think) which would work well for lar...  more
    Painting Bachmann Big Haulers.
    Last summer this White Pass & Yukon car was primed for painting to I haven't decided which of my freelance roadnames yet.
    And Bachmann's factory people had for once securely glued the window transparency parts, most securely glued them.
    Easy masking b...  more
    Bachmann Locos reposting new prices
    I have for sale 1 Bachmann locomotive that was previously listed here, used like new little to no wear last chance before going to eBay
    Bachmann Anniversary 4-6-0 White Pass   $175 + shipping
    Hubley Kits
    Tires are a problem.. Here is what I have done.
    The white rubber tires can be replaced with tires from the Flick Trix toy bicycles as shown below. These fit the Hubley model T rim and pass very well for early black tires. Those listed as “Series 1&r...  more
    MDC Southern Pacific Boxcar
    It's 'about' 1/24th scale.  I had a raft of 'em to haul behind a couple of LGB White Pass dismals a few years back.  
    Ottawa Valley GRS
    POCRR Member #2
    Bachmann 10th Anniversary 4-6-0 white pass
    For sale Bachmann 10th Anniversary 4-6-0, White Pass, used but like new with sound and smoke, buyer pays actual shipping  local pick up available $245
    Generic 28 ft passenger car
    Somewhere buried I've got John H. White Jr's 2 volumes of The American Passenger Car. And I'll bet cars of that era were just barely sufficiently lit by oil lamps.
    Which means super bright white 10mm LED are probably not what's needed.
    But the one in one ...  more