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    Ted Doskaris' Vignettes (articles) links
    RE: Ted Doskaris' Vignettes (articles) links
    Fellow Forum member, Sean McGillicuddy, suggested that links be provided for my articles.
    Articles include 1/29 scale American standard gauge locos, rolling stock, and turnout (track switch) products from Aris...  more

    Wanted: Dead Loco
    I am looking to create a small shelf display in my office.  I'd like to find a dead or damaged loco for it, along with a couple feet of straight track.
    I would like a 1:29 or 1:32 scale, standard gauge loco over a larger scale narrow gauge one...  more
    Piko's models of European standard gauge locos amd stock are generally thought to be 1:26 scale representations, although they all have 45 mm gauged wheel sets. Bit like USAT and Aristo' going for a nominal 1:29 scale on that same track gauge which was tr...  more
    33" D&RG standard Guage Trucks
    these trucks are 4'8" Archbar with a drawing date of 1890. These were used on standard gauge rolling stock as far as I can tell. In particular, they were used on a 30' std gauge low flat car rated at 60,000 lb or better. The car I am trying to model ...  more
    Daves 2019 Mik Challenge Build
    I can only guess...  I have never personally inspected a wooden outside braced boxcar.   The Standard Gauge outside braced D&RGW boxcar in Antonito is metal braced,  and has no truss rods, as the metal braces worked as the trusses.
    33" D&RG standard Guage Trucks
    Does anyone have a drawing that shows the brake components, hangers, shoes etc. for D&RG standard gauge trucks with 33" wheels ?? I have the truck drawing but it doesn't show any brake components
    Kadee Couplers
    I would add that you should ensure, regardless of the coupler that you standardize on, that you use a height gauge.  This will ensure that all of your rolling stock's couplers are aligned.
    I use the #1929 Type "E" Coupler Height Gauge (Ga...  more
    Miks 2019 Build Vic Smith
    Eric Schade said:
    Im with you Devon!  Looks Narrow Gauge too!
    We are hijacking Vic's thread but you are right it looks narrow gauge but on standard gauge track. Its not sitting on the rails.
    LGB Sumter Valley 2-6-6-2 Steam Engine
    Randy Stone said:
    OK, so, were these type steam engines all narrow gauge logging trains or were some used on standard gauge railroads of the time period to pull say coal trains or mixed freights. I know it's my railroad and I can pull what ever I want wit...  more
    LGB Sumter Valley 2-6-6-2 Steam Engine
    Yes, that wheel arrangement was used on Standard gauge railroads here in the "east" to haul coal over the mountains we have. The standard gauge ones looked a bit beefier, and had tenders, but if you hold your head just right and squint a little.....
     ...  more
    LGB Sumter Valley 2-6-6-2 Steam Engine
     Yes the Maine did have 4 of them used in the Crawford Notch NH they got them from the Boston and Maine who had Alco Schenectady NY Build them
    for use in the Hoosac Tunnel about 15 miles from me and yes they are standard gauge.