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    Ted Doskaris' Vignettes (articles) links
    RE: Ted Doskaris' Vignettes (articles) links
    Fellow Forum member, Sean McGillicuddy, suggested that links be provided for my articles.
    Articles include 1/29 scale American standard gauge locos, rolling stock, and turnout (track switch) products from Aris...  more

    The Funeral Train returns
    Note the wheel sets are wide enough for Broad or Standard gauge and this was posted for an AID OF MODELING PURPOSES ONLY
    Scale Comparison Diagram
     ...  more
    IPP&W/RP&M Operations by the OVGRS 2018
    Session 16 is up:
    IPP&W/RP&M Operations by the OVGRS 2018
    Here's the link to session 14:
    IPP&W/RP&M Operations by the OVGRS 2018
    A real mystery this week: "Where's Henke's engine, a run away locomotive disappears, and the Nelson Yard yardmaster looses control!" 
    And Malcolm's video is he...  more
    IPP&W/RP&M Operations by the OVGRS 2018
    Mikes most recent post is up.
    gauge 1 reefers needed....
    I have always under stood that "Gauge 1" was synonymous with 1/32 scale equipment.
    Gauge; (noun) in railroad terminology is the distance between the inner edge of the railhead, i.e., broad, standard or narrow gauge rail.
    Scale...  more
    IPP&W/RP&M Operations by the OVGRS 2018
    The final afternoon session standard gauge:
    Misc trains
    Mike Wlez said:
    Very nice John, what kind of engine is that at 2:20?
    Thats my boxcab I built 10 years ago. It is 1:20.3 standard gauge.
    IPP&W/RP&M Operations by the OVGRS 2018
    Rooster I once handed my Revo transmitter to Fred and he promptly threw it back at me, says he doesn't know how to work them.  Here's the link to the standard gauge ops from last Saturday.  more