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    Basement staging/loop build
    You can now apply for a  Roundy round rail road membership! 
    Basement staging/loop build
    I've closed the loop!  Video:
    Basement staging/loop build
    The shove test is a good way to find problems and you must have been confident of your work to run at that speed in reverse !  LOL
    I like the diamond and how that track reconnects.  You have lots of potential for RR excitement in that area.  
    Basement staging/loop build
    Step 28 shove test
    Basement staging/loop build
    Thanks, guys.  This has been a blast so far.
    Basement staging/loop build
    I like what you've done, Eric.
    Basement staging/loop build
    Looks great Eric.  You made the right decision keeping the bridge as a single piece.  While my curving / folded bridge has served well for a long time, as it ages the hinges get a bit sloppy and alignment at the opening end can be a bit tricky.&...  more
    Basement staging/loop build
    Yeah, it was more of a "next time" suggestion. Also in the basement, your expansion/contraction issues are waaaaay less than outdoors.
    Basement staging/loop build
    At this point, I’m not going to do anything (except perhaps smooth the edges) unless it fails. I left a bit of a gap to allow for potential expansion of the rail and/or benchwork in the summer. The bridge alignment is fairly precise, but not enough ...  more
    Basement staging/loop build
    The angle supposedly supports the tread better if the gap is not closed, like the transition from the wing rail to the frog in a switch.
    But I would be concerned that pressure (lack of gap) might effectively cause a change in gauge.
     ...  more