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    staging Yard Track widths
    A stub switch is a possibility... Humm... 
    staging Yard Track widths
    by the way, more trouble free, and better for longer cars, no S curves.
    staging Yard Track widths
    uhh.... no, it is way closer... you have to fan the tracks out a bit to get clearance... how much you do is your design.
    you can see this in the picture... it's not much more than the gauge of the track... track to track spacing in a yard is your d...  more
    staging Yard Track widths
    Do you know what your centerline to centerline spacing is for the 5 way 'switch' is? Is it 6" or 8" or 12"?
    staging Yard Track widths
    one switch vs. a ladder of switches always saves space or gives you more storage track, no question at all.
    The lengths of useable track is misleading in this picture:
     ...  more
    staging Yard Track widths
    Yes the construction is simple and be easy to replicate, but I'm just wondering if it really saves space. Length vs. width
    This discussion might end up being all academic until I get the plywood on the cabinets and can start laying track out. Sometimes it...  more
    staging Yard Track widths
    Yep, same basic unit... although if you look closely, mine is motorized and controlled by DCC, and it is also nickel plated... don't ask the original price, they were never cheap.
    But look at the construction, not that difficult to make one. See th...  more
    staging Yard Track widths
    I have the same unit
    staging Yard Track widths
    How much width does the 5 tracks off the sector plate take? In other words what is the centerline to centerline spacing?