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    narrow gauge Lover
    Private item


    RGS Operations
    Narrow gauge operating session.

    Switch Recommendation Needed
    But isn't there a number 6 switch in the yard in Orbansonia?
    That's why I like narrow gauge railroads like the EBT. They can be more accurately modeled with model train track sized geometry.
    Code 250 outdoors in New England?
    I'll chime in here and say I agree with Rick.
    I use the Accucraft Narrow gauge tie strip and Switchcrafters "weathered" code 250 aluminum rail. It looks to be a black powder coat, and I like the look.  I've had the same problem in the past as Rick wi...  more
    7/8 scale building supplies
    I get most of my stuff from Jay at the Train department .  There is stuff for the industrial as well as maine narrow gauge lover both US and British.
    Looking for used starter live steam logo
    Hi Folks-
    I'm just getting started in Gauge 1 live steam and looking for a good used British narrow gauge loco, something like in the Accucraft / Roundhouse line of 0-4-0's or similar.  I'd prefer a gas rather than alcohol fuel system.  I'm look...  more
    passenger car framing
    Eric:  I Used  both the Delaware public archives archives Jackson and Sharp car blueprints, and photos during construction as well as my 1888 copy of The car builders Dictionary along with Herbert Danneman's Rio Grande Narrow Gauge Varnish Books...  more
    Pole Road
    Hmm, that's interesting, I was just watching a YouTube video of the 2017 Australian Narrow Gauge Show, and at the end of the video, around 15:28 they showed a backwoods loco and a couple logging disconnects with similar wheels, running on wooden rail. Loc...  more
    Eric's Dizzy Loco Mik 2018 style
    I have seen this "roundy round" in person and it doesn't get any more basic than what you guys built there which of course is the perfect approach to a narrow gauge RR. 
    That will be a great addition to your RR Eric. 
    Mik's 2018 Joe Bussing
    I finished the crown block, pulleys and crows nest yesterday. Still needs some cleanup and detailing, but I'm pleased with the results.
    Here's a pic of the crows nest siting (temporarily) on top of the derrick with a 1:20.3 narrow gauge refer in fron...  more
    Fancy railroading
    Ross Mansell said:
    Narrow Gauge Lover said:
    restoration of coach
     ...  more
    Fancy railroading
    Narrow Gauge Lover said:
    restoration of coach
     ...  more