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    narrow gauge Lover
    Private item


    RGS Operations
    Narrow gauge operating session.

    Clearing out the Garage
    LBG left hand switch.  Where do i send $s and how much for postage ?
    NGL  Narrow Gauge Lover
    aka Dr. Eric Burkholter
    Wanted: Sound Cards
    Hi Guys, looking for sound cards ideally Sierra or Phoenix with Narrow Gauge steam or some diesels. May consider some Dallee cards if the price is right.
    Open to trades, I have two sets of Locolinc recievers and sound cards spare+ Transmitter.
    Both Tracks Working
    Looks great, show us more when the wind is less.  The whistle sounds were not quite right for german narrow gauge but were pretty convincing!
    Website for O scale details.
    You may also try the Narrow Gauge Modeling Company. He's pretty much exclusively O scale.
    Southern Pacific narrow gauge
    Matt Z said:
    Thanks Rooster, if you remember them all, there have been a handful of different railroads built up. So far, I have enjoyed running on the elevated track the most. It's a nice set up for trains to run while you can sit back stress free...  more
    Southern Pacific narrow gauge
    9 was last, about 1960. 8 was the worst condition, SP decided it needed major work, so it got shipped off to Carson City area.
    18 was next, shipped off to the park.
    At the time they pulled the pin, 9 was best condition, now probably worst of the three.
    Th...  more
    ECLSTS vendor info?
    I hear you Fred, but would anyone buy LGB North American outline stuff today?  The mainline diesel crowd is pretty entrenched in 1:29 with a few 1:32 purists hanging on. The narrow gauge crowd is similarly invested in 1:20.3.  I don't think that...  more
    Southern Pacific narrow gauge
    TOC, that's too cool to have that history. Who would have thought it would still be in the same condition today?! Neat to say the least though. I believe that #9 was the last loco to run on the branch wasn't it? Right on through early '60 or so? I liked s...  more
    Southern Pacific narrow gauge
    Nice Work Matt.....I have followed most of your posts over the yrs and enjoyed them all.
    Southern Pacific narrow gauge
    Quick shot I found of 9 heading downhill.