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    narrow gauge Lover
    Private item


    RGS Operations
    Narrow gauge operating session.

    "Could have been" 7/8 Class A/B Climax
    John Bouck said:
    Narrow Gauge Lover said:
    Very nice . . . 
     ...  more
    "Could have been" 7/8 Class A/B Climax
    Narrow Gauge Lover said:
    Very nice . . . 
    Where did you get stake pockets and like & pin coupler stuff ? ...  more
    Laser cut custom lettering
    I got asked a few times, how I custom letter my garden railroad trains. So here’s a short description of the technique I use. The last days, I finished my rolling stock for the “Southern Palatinate Narrow Gauge Railway”. I use Cor...  more
    Colorado to Cambridge UK
    in four days....
    We all like to jab at US Mail, right?  Sure, it can act a mite freaky on occasions, but then again, it can be so good that the surprise is more than pleasant, it's astounding.
    Phil Dippel of Phil's Narrow Gauge mailed m...  more
    Bluestone Southern October, 2018 OPs
    Car is packed ... leaving OKC Friday late morning for Jefferson City, MO.  Will be attending the narrow gauge meet in Jeff City all day Saturday.  We plan on getting on the road early Sunday morning and should be in Nashville by noon.  Look...  more
    Slim Princess news
    That was an interesting Google find just now.
    Vandal targets owner of Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, but hits wrong house
     ...  more
    Finding new people with an interest in LS
    In the UK we have 2 principle societies that act as a focus for promoting the LS model railway hobby - The Association of 16 mm Narrow Gauge Modellers (16 mm NGM) and the G Scale Society (GSS). I am a member of the former and in the past the latter. Both ...  more
    Articulated car
    Narrow Gauge Lover said: Thanks for reply.  I've seen auto carriers . . but never like this. 
    Fairly common around here. This video has a few of them in the consist and was shot outside of Hershey Pa (yes the chocolate) working the old (a...  more
    1:18 Diecast with F Scale trains
    Hi Jon,
    Great deal on the cars.
    As for scale, I use only 1:18 vehicles on my all narrow gauge lines.  I feel that they make the trains look smaller and more true to life. 
    The problem arises when others try to make a comparison and the only refe...  more
    1:18 Diecast with F Scale trains
    OK, but don't forget this is narrow gauge territory.  If my track was in scale (code 250 or so) they would look even bigger!
    I do need to ballast indoors this winter.