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    TrainOps 2017
    The C.V.S.Ry. made some local equipment moves this evening and loaded a few locomotives and a caboose on to road carriers for the trip North. Our departure has been delayed a bit due to Marilyn needing to get blood work done in the morning while I work a ...  more
    New Loco carrier
    I finally got around to building a new locomotive carrier for my Accucraft #12.  The one I had made before just stunk.  You had to pick the whole locomotive up and sit/get it to the rails some how.  The cradle function of the prior unit wor...  more
    locomotive carrier recommendation, please
    Hey Pete,The carriers that John Bouck spoke about should be plenty strong enough to hold any of your locomotives.  We have several club members that have heavy brass locomotives from different manufacturers.  Below is a picture of the carrier to...  more
    Engine carriers
    Those are some nice looking carriers, but I only have one question. How do you drive your locomotive out of them if you use track power?The carriers we make with the aluminum angle allows both battery and track power to be used. The best of both worlds.
    Engine carriers
    OK boys here are some pictures from todays workshop. The first picture shows the parts for a 32" long carrier with the sizes of the parts on the picture.  The next few pictures shows my carrier with a locomotive inside and how the carrier works. ...  more
    locomotive carriers
    I realize this topic has been around for a while.  I have been trying to find locomotive carriers on the internet but haven't been successful.  In one of the posts, I saw a mention of wooden carriers by a Dan Patterson, along with some very nice...  more
    need to achieve a 30" drop...
    Okay, this is one of those wild donkey sort of ideas, but we seem to be brainstorming here. Probably would not work for locomotives - You would still have to use both of your "0-5-0s" there - or a carrier.
    I have seen cable inclines used in a couple of "...  more
    LSC items for sale at the ECLSTS
    Any one need a locomotive carrier?
    I may also have some Aristocraft 2 axle passenger trucks with Sierra Valley wheels. Enough for 2 cars...maybe 3.
    I'll have to look to see if I have any other extras for this year.
    Building a 1:20 Mikado
    This locomotive doesn't fit in any of my existing carriers. Since I plan to take it to Marty's (as is), I needed some good way to transport it.
    So, another carrier was built. This one is 40 inches long.
    locomotive carrier recommendation, please
    I have a couple of big engines that weigh a lot (EBT #12, 50 lbs?). And I live in a condo, so I have no woodwork shop or any place to make a carrier.
    So I've been wondering what is available on the market.  I note Split Jaw sell a plastic carr...  more