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    Switch Recommendation Needed
    I just went through this for my pike and ended up with Llagas Creek, 250 gauge aluminum. I have mostly #4, a couple of #3, and 1 #5. I have a Bachmann 3 truck shay and a Bachmann Climax. No Consolidation or 2 truck Shay (though maybe the C...  more
    Code 250 outdoors in New England?
    I used Llagas Creek track with code 250 aluminum when I lived in upstate NY. I just floated it in the ballast. No issues at all. A fresh layer of ballast every spring seemed to do a good job of keeping things in place. 
    llagas Creek Railways is for sale
    Sure wish I could, would go great with the business I'm building. But hopefully the right person comes along soon to take it on
    llagas Creek Railways is for sale
    With a growing family and an ever increasing workload at my full time job, I must consider selling Llagas Creek Railways to another individual who shares the same passion for the hobby as I do.  Please call me with any serious interest. 724-986-5079
    ...  more
    A Trip Around the Outer Loop
    Thanks, Michael.  The track is weathered code 215 aluminum rail from SwitchCrafters threaded onto Llagas Creek narrow gauge ties strips.  Turnouts are mostly homemade using Llagas cast frogs and SwitchCrafter composite ties.  A few of the t...  more
    Reopening the layout for another summer
    Michael Kirrene said:
    Matt, really like the trackwork, turntable and bridge! Is that Llagas Creek track?
    Yep, Llagas Creek.  Code 250 nickel silver rail on their "narrow gauge" ties
    Reopening the layout for another summer
    Matt, really like the trackwork, turntable and bridge! Is that Llagas Creek track?
    Rebuilding switches
    I've built track AND switches (Llagas Creek code 250 AL) using cedar and redwood fence boards.  I left them both original thickness for more tooth in the dirt.  I also made stringers the length of the switches beneath the rails.  The cedar ...  more
    Rebuilding switches
    OK so I built a jig to make a #6 left hand turnout in basically the same tie configuration as the Llagas switches I have although I goofed a little and I ended up with one less tie but looks fine. I made redwood ties that match dimensionally to the Llagas...  more