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    Switching to home-made steel track, have a bunch of 332 brass
    Makes me wonder, has anyone tried making a jig to give steel or brass bar stock a more prototypical profile?  An angle grinder would make quick work of it. (or make a pretty dangerous projectile).  Another thought, I've milled aluminum on a tabl...  more
    LGB Mogul chassis
    Apparently any moisture causes lead carbonate to form, and we have humidity at night. You don't notice it, but my weather station reads it as 98%.
    a little insight:
    Yes, aluminum hates salt air, a differe...  more
    LGB Mogul chassis
    I think it is because you are both close to the ocean.
    While I was vacationing is Deerfield Beach I noticed the aluminum patio doors were all corroded.
    I know that salt corrodes aluminum, that is why it is not used to de-ice runways.
    The air in Florida al...  more
    Saw Mill Run Bridge v3.0
    Nice job David, I think you should double think on putting a piece of aluminum angle under that bridge, yes its sturdy now but do not want it drooping in the middle with a heavy freight rolling across it! o Great job and something to build with that is ch...  more
    Saw Mill Run Bridge v3.0
    It looks great.
    How strong does it feel ?
    Are you going to have to add / hide an aluminum angle piece for support ?
    Are you going to keep the side @ 90 or angled ..
    So many questions..
    Hale & Norcross Dump Trestles
    Looking back, and thinking out loud, I think it might have been worth the cost to have made the core of the trestle out of 1/8" or 3/16" water-jetted aluminum sheet (vs. acrylic). That would make the trestle more shatter-resistant. Wouldn't be cheap, but ...  more
    Bridge 5 on the Candlewood Valley Scenic
    I like the detail of the Howe Truss, but don't really want to deal with the hardware. I thought of faking it on an aluminum deck, but the regular view is from above so the deck must be see-through. For simplicity of build, this Wood Girder is interesting ...  more
    Lifting bridge hinge ideas.
    I used some commercial aluminum door hinges for mine.  They work very well.  Almost certainly overkill.
    SplitJaw bridges - experiences?
    Regarding Jerry's bridge, it is actually 20 feet long, I bought a commercial product, 2 x 3 inch aluminum at a metals supplier
    the concrete piers are not exactly dummies, they were cast inside an old no parking sign bent to shape, with a 1/2 inch dia thre...  more
    SplitJaw bridges - experiences?
    Jerry has a very long "bridge" on his SC&M.   It's about 10-12' long and made of an aluminum tube:
    That photo shows about 1/2 of it.  The concrete tower supports are dummies - added afterwards, and not needed although they...  more