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    Topic: SD60f Build
    Canadian National SD60f Build
    This build will require an Aristocraft SD45, 2 pieces of aluminum angles 1/16” x 3/4” x 25 1/2”, 3 USA trains SD70 roof fans and DB fan, and lots of styrene....  more

    Bending Hand Laid Track
    Yes, it's aluminum.  Very likely the spikes indented the foot.  Some I pushed in by hand, others required a tap with a mallet. 
    I already had double oak runners installed for support  so I just bent the rails to match them.  The o...  more
    Bending Hand Laid Track
    You said 250 rail. Is it aluminum rail? It seams to me that the spikes may have indented the foot of the rail slightly, and so the rail will not slide under the spikes, causing issues with bending the rail. I have done very little hand-laying of track, bu...  more
    AML 50' Hi-cube / End-of-Car cushion unit
    I had the bottom plate laser cut in .040" Aluminum.  They came in today:
    I inquired about having them cut in .040" brass, which they said they could do.  However, the cost was 3 times higher for brass.
    1/8th scale Baldwin Westinghouse Electric Freight Motor
    I had some time today to do the painting on the aluminum lover door castings. Nice warm day for this work (85 degrees today-sorry East Coast :) ). A couple of photos taken today and the last one, shows one of the lover door panels install on my old Baldwi...  more
    1/8th scale Baldwin Westinghouse Electric Freight Motor
    While waiting for the response from our foundry on the trolley pole castings, I started the milling machine work on the cast aluminum louver door panel castings we received from the same foundry late last year. There is a small edge that gets milled into ...  more
    Precision Board Structures
    Thanks for your comment but, the aluminum sheeting I use is two times thicker than aluminum flashing, 
    flashing would be to flimsy for my personal taste. 
    Precision Board Structures
    You can buy rolls of aluminum roof flashing at the big box stores (Home Depot and Lowe's).
    Precision Board Structures
    I use LEXEL glus on top of the walls to bond the Aluminum and the Precision Board together, I use 23 gauge headless pins at a slight angle to help hold, and to prevent the need to clamp and wait 24 hours.
    The picture shows glue in the circles.
    https://far...  more
    Precision Board Structures
    Roof Time
    Well now I need to do the roof, I always make my structures to set outside all or any time. In most cases I prefer to use a 29 gage Aluminum sheet
    for the substrate. For me it is the most simple and most economical. As owning a steel fab busines...  more
    Polycarbonate vrs Acrylic for roof base
    Well, since the structure is redwood, I would continue with that...
    BUT, that's not really the question.   I'm not sure what you mean by the comment "aluminum pieces glued to it to have the desired effect."   So, with THAT in mind, whe...  more