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    Carbon buildup on stainless steel track running dcc
    Material IACS (International Annealed Copper Standard)
    % Conductivity*...  more
    Brisket smoke
    After four hours remove the meat and double wrap it in aluminum foil (seam up). Put on a cookie sheet underneath in case their is a little leaking, also helps in handling the meat. This is called a "Texas Crutch" and the idea is to wrap the ...  more
    Anybody? Ideas on modelling 1:24 stairs/ladders?
    A relatively easy way to do stairs is to take 1/2" angled aluminum ("L") and cut sections to the desired width of the stairway.  Glue these side-by-side (point up) to a piece of brass or ... and tip the assembly to 45% for the steps.  Drill hole...  more
    Livestock Vagon
    The bogies and the lower part of the chassis are made of metal, steel and aluminum. For now you must wait for the acquisition of a device to weld these materials.
    Switching to home-made steel track, have a bunch of 332 brass
    Makes me wonder, has anyone tried making a jig to give steel or brass bar stock a more prototypical profile?  An angle grinder would make quick work of it. (or make a pretty dangerous projectile).  Another thought, I've milled aluminum on a tabl...  more
    LGB Mogul chassis
    Apparently any moisture causes lead carbonate to form, and we have humidity at night. You don't notice it, but my weather station reads it as 98%.
    a little insight:
    Yes, aluminum hates salt air, a differe...  more
    LGB Mogul chassis
    I think it is because you are both close to the ocean.
    While I was vacationing is Deerfield Beach I noticed the aluminum patio doors were all corroded.
    I know that salt corrodes aluminum, that is why it is not used to de-ice runways.
    The air in Florida al...  more
    Saw Mill Run Bridge v3.0
    Nice job David, I think you should double think on putting a piece of aluminum angle under that bridge, yes its sturdy now but do not want it drooping in the middle with a heavy freight rolling across it! o Great job and something to build with that is ch...  more
    Saw Mill Run Bridge v3.0
    It looks great.
    How strong does it feel ?
    Are you going to have to add / hide an aluminum angle piece for support ?
    Are you going to keep the side @ 90 or angled ..
    So many questions..
    Hale & Norcross Dump Trestles
    Looking back, and thinking out loud, I think it might have been worth the cost to have made the core of the trestle out of 1/8" or 3/16" water-jetted aluminum sheet (vs. acrylic). That would make the trestle more shatter-resistant. Wouldn't be cheap, but ...  more