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    SVGRS Clinics & Workshops
    Six hourss of how to dos on subjects of interest to large scale (and other) modedl railroaders: power and sound, coupler conversions, bridge building, live steam, simple repairs, building mountains, laying track, 3D printing, and more

    1:25 Cathedral
    I just spoke with the man, and regarding rhe cathedral,  38 people spent 14 months creating it. No castings or 3d printing, all carved by hand from large polyurethane block. Windows are printed photos of the real thing, behind glass. 
     And ...  more
    GLX SCALE MODELS - 3d printing
    Yes, I have to agree with Fred. Gilbert made some roller bearing end caps for my Arisocraft roller bearing trucks, I had lost one of the caps. The replacement cap Gilbert made is identical to the Aristo ones, and worked flawlessly.
    And yes, Gilbert...  more
    GLX SCALE MODELS - 3d printing
      "EGADSZOOKS"...Gilbert, you done good...
      I hadn't looked at Gilbert's web page for quite a while, but with some spare minutes this morning, I browsed it.
         I knew he had added some new parts, but had no idea, of the ex...  more
    A 3d BIrthday
    I have been sitting on the sidelines on this forum for quite some time, but thought i would share a few points on 3D printing I have learned.
    I looked at 3D printers for about a year and the thought of buying a printer for a couple hundred bu...  more
    GLX SCALE MODELS - 3d printing
    Thanks to Henk Vanzijl and our Father Fred ( Fred Mills ) of the OVGRS, I have been busy copying parts from a 0-4-0 Switcher. This has made a great number of new listings for replacement parts on my website. This latest session started with a request from...  more
    Barnes and Noble Makers Fairs Nov 11 - 12
    Since 3d Printing has been mentioned, there are going to be 340 mini Ma...  more
    3d Software
    This is probably obvious, but here goes.
    There's a huge difference between 2D CAD / laser cutting, and 3D CAD / 3D printing. You can go a long way with the former, using designs based on pieces cut from flat stock. But for 3D parts, especially smal...  more
    3d Software
    Not wanting to derail Burl Rice's thread any further, I figured I'd open a thread on the various 3d modeling software that people use for 3d printing.  I was using Tinkercad, but find it limiting.  I downloaded DesignSpark Mechanical a co...  more
    GLX SCALE MODELS - 3d printing
    John Passaro said:
        We all have our Croix to bear.
     Maybe if things go quiet from time to time Gilbert could diversify a little.  I have a couple of bear  cameos on my RR and of course there is a good trade to be done in r...  more