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    SVGRS Clinics & Workshops
    Six hourss of how to dos on subjects of interest to large scale (and other) modedl railroaders: power and sound, coupler conversions, bridge building, live steam, simple repairs, building mountains, laying track, 3D printing, and more

    Large Scale Fantasy Locomotive
    Much as I love imagination, I'm going to stick to reality, since my wish-list fantasy locos are actually achievable, given the wonders of 3D printing et al.  My first choice would be my beloved SP&S E1 Northern, #700.  I got a quote from a f...  more
    Wood structures, 3d accessories
    I am considering gluing up some solid solid wood slabs 3/8" to ½" thick and wide enough to become a wall or end of a structure. Then shaping them with a dado blade to create a shiplap or board & batten pattern on one side. Then 3D printing the ...  more
    GLX SCALE MODELS - 3d printing
     May I ask if it's ok to copy the Nathan K5LA horns that LGB made for their Genesis series locomotives since they are no longer available as replacement parts? The K5LA is a very common horn and arrangements are endless with modern railroads. I belie...  more
    Aristo Spare parts wanted and crazy prices
    Dick, Greg is correct essentially small parts like horns cannot be made in 3D filament plastic of any kind. In any 3D printing process, the material is applied in very thin layers. These layers are always subject to bending by the earth's gravity during p...  more
    GLX SCALE MODELS - 3d printing
    Yes, I understand, just making it clear this is not the "shiny chrome" that you would find on the bumper of a model car for example.
    Yes, waaaayyy better!
    GLX SCALE MODELS - 3d printing
    Thank you Greg Elmassian! I use chrome paint but the sprayer makes it sometimes apply as micro texture hence the silver. At least this is better than the black I use on my other part offerings.
    GLX SCALE MODELS - 3d printing
    Forgot to mention my parts came several days ago, packaged very nicely and quick!
    Thanks Gilbert, my poor FA's looked pretty poor without horns! By the way, the horns are silver, not shiny chrome, much better looking.
    GLX SCALE MODELS - 3d printing
    The part numbers for the horns are different. The mounting base on the FA-1 is large and strangely tapered.
    The great news is by making an exact replacement, people are not forced to buy 2 horns to match if only one is damaged on their FA.
     ...  more
    GLX SCALE MODELS - 3d printing
    Fred Mills. said:
         Accuracy is desirable for some, but not others. 
           Fred Mills
     ...  more