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    Technical Modeling
    Discussing techniques for using 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machines, and other computer-driven modeling tools
    mini 6 in 1 milling machine
    If you're just looking to fool around a bit with making some little stuff, you MIGHT consider getting a 3D printer instead.   They can still be frustrating, but it's really cool to be able to watch it print a part.  If you're not great with...  more
    Aristo-Craft Hopper "Upgrades"
    Dan Hilyer said:
    Dan, how do you like the 3D Fuel Pro filament?
    It needs to be extruded at 215° on my printer whereas most PLA brands I print at 205°.  So far I can't see much difference as far as print quality between it and my favorite Hatc...  more
    Devon's 2019 MIK build- steam crane
    Devon, your detail works is fantastic.  I love the way you take bits and pieces and make into something useful.  You almost make me feel guilty using the 3D printer ..... but not guilty enough   Looking forward to seeing the boom come together.
    WSRR's 2019 Mik's Challenge Work Caboose
    Travis, I printed them on a 3D printer using PLA. They were designed in Fusion 360. The turnbuckle has M2 threads. 
    3d Printed Trucks
    Anybody have any experience with UV and or exposure to the elements with 3D printed components of SLA or resin printers?
    3d Printed Trucks
    I have been using ProPLA, made by 3D-Fuel.  It can withstand high temps, and you can anneal it in the oven for even higher temperature tolerance.  It is very easy to work with, and I have no trouble printing at the highest resolution my printer ...  more
    MIK's Build Challenge 2018
       Anyone with a 3D printer should share!
    MIK's Build Challenge 2018
    So for the challenge we are sending you things to make on your new 3D printer?? COOL!!
    MIK's Build Challenge 2018
    10  DAYS
    MIK's 2019
    Build Challenge...  more