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    Technical Modeling
    Discussing techniques for using 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machines, and other computer-driven modeling tools
    Still a work in progress but I'm ready to share
     A very nice job on that tanker Dan and a great use of the 3D printer.
    So is 1:20.3 RTR pretty much dead?
    And to further agree with Bob, the advent of inexpensive 3d printers puts some of the tricky detail parts in the reach of the average guy... $300 for a printer and free files makes for cheap detail parts.
    Computer hardware requirements
    You don't really need a monster computer to run 3D printers and or CAD programs. In fact the requirements for same are quite mundane IMO.  I use several versions of AutoCad (current versions and older) on multiple computers and also have ...  more
    Computer hardware requirements
    Thanks for the reply Korm.
    As soon as I buy a laptop they will release a new 3D printer that requires me to buy another more powerful laptop.
    I think I just answered my own question!
    Computer hardware requirements
    How much of a computer (laptop) do I really need to operate a 3D printer?
    I know I need a 64 bit operating system.  Not doing anything extremely complicated, but you never know (the slippery slope).
    The slicing program looks to be a resource hog.&nbs...  more
    Custom Extended Vista Dome Cars
    Well done, nicely executed and interesting project too Nico!
    Can you share more on the 3D print aspect of your project. Is the vistadome multiple pieces as its length is notable? What kind of printer was utilized, SLA, Resin or PLA /...  more
    Technical Modeling forum
    Awesome. Just finished putting together my birthday present, a Creality Ender 3 pro 3D printer.  Perfect timing.
    Union Pacific SD40N - Teaser
    I have the fuel tank all together and primed.  I have a couple of minor details to add but it is mostly complete.
    Tank itself is 3D printed ABS plastic on a FDM style printer.  Sanding and filler primer removed the lines with the exceptio...  more
    for F-scalers with a 3d-printer
    found this F-scaled 4-4-0 on thingyverse:

    (he's got some F-scale cars too)