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    • February 24, 2008 7:22 PM EST
      • Coldstream, British Columbia, Canada
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      Hi all,

      OK, what have we got? A double track mainline (waterlevel!) and a branch line that comes from the hills and heads back into the hills. Please supply the operation scenarios!



      Coldstream, BC  Canada

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    • February 25, 2008 8:47 PM EST

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      Lets see if I can get this right.

      the blue line could be used for moving supplies up and down the mountaine. As I see it planed there will be a Resort or something on the top of the mountain. There for a small train/trolly could go from the pass station on the main to the small station on the blue line at the top of the hill. With a smal freight train I can move a few box cars from the yard area of one of the mains and put a train with say a box car, few flat cars or ore cars move items up the the small freight/pass station and drop off box car. If there is something like logging or mining going on on the mountain then those items will have to be moved down to be hauld out on the main. If I wire it right I should be able to have both the freight and pass train going at the same time and can pass each other, also with the sidding I could do two freight trains and a pass all at the sametime for operations.

      On the main line there is loading the stuff from the business area/freight yard putting togather the train and then sending it out on the main. There are incoming and out going passagers at the station so there is also that. with the trains going into a mountain the staging area behind the mountain I can side one why a differnt one comes out. It can stop unload/drop a few cars pick up some and move out on the main. the stopped one can then come out and do the same. Have to keep the pass train running on time as well.

      So that is how I see it. that is if I have the ideal of operations right.
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