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    • September 11, 2020 9:48 AM EDT
      • Fort Worth, Texas
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      LGB 2055 Alco Rebuild

      If you ever wanted to repaint an engine or a piece of rolling stock this is what a pile of parts looks like, or the way I would do it. This LGB 2055 a White Pass & Yukon engine is getting a redue at the Lenheiser Shops for the Ft. Worth & Southern-Western RR, as the pics show it's a slow process (4 days work so far) and many things are being upgraded on the engine. Things like the blinking light on the cab roof is going away, the body handrails (2 front,2 rear) gone, the horns are being moved to the center of the cab roof, all lights will now become LED's, those 3 lights on each side of the front headlights will now become 1 on each side, I'm adding front and rear end panels to the engine with coupler pockets, plus the snow plow has been removed along with the MU hoses ( note I did purchase a set of rear MU hoses and they fit the front perfect (they should as the front panel and the rear are the same part from LGB). The repaint colors will be somewhat like the Blackwidow paint scheme with the strip colors being the D&RGW Bumblebee Yellow in place of the red and orange used in the Blackwidow scheme by the SP. The engine will be upgraded to DCC which I will most likely go with over battery power as my layout will be indoors. It will probably take about another 10 days to finish the engine, mainly due to paint drying times and just taking my time as I go, so far I've got 4 days into the project with is moving along at my usual pace. I'll post the finished project when completed.


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    • September 11, 2020 10:12 AM EDT
      • Fort Wayne, Indiana
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      Nice! I’ll be watch this build come along. As I have one that I’ve been think about doing a repaint too.



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