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    • January 7, 2020 6:16 PM EST
      • Columbia, Maryland
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      PIKO 25 Ton R/C version

      I received a PIKO Ge 25 ton Battery & R/C switcher as a Christmas/Birthday present recently, and I'm very pleased with this unit. Eric has already done a review of the battery track cleaner, so I won't go into very much detail, but it is a very robust, solid and well made engine.


      The R/C control is basic, but simple and straightforward to use. There is a button for forward, and a button for reverse. I imagine this is similar to Revo? (I only used it once). There are 14 speed steps (or speeds) in each direction. The slowest speed is just a little faster than a crawl, and the highest speed is brisk but not extreme (the battery pack only puts out 9v, so it will not go as fast as a track powered engine). The LED headlights are a nice warm white color and very bright. I appreciate that they are directional. 

      Lastly, the unit has chrome ball bearings. I was very surprised to discover this when I opened up the bottom of the motor block. (this is also mentioned in the GR review from last year). Ball bearings are standard on all of the 25 tonners, track or battery powered.


      Overall, I highly recommend the PIKO 25 tonner (track or battery) to anyone that would consider getting one. I hope to get many years of satisfaction out of my 25 tonner. 


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