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    • September 12, 2019 10:55 PM EDT
      • Scottsdale, Arizona
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      The Aristo U25B Amtrak that I have has white handrails.  Those you show in the picture Ken are very similar to the ones on mine except for the front and back handrails as Ted said.  The front and back rails need another kink at the bottom but do go into the side of the loco.  I have never posted a picture on this website before, but tomorrow when I have the time I will try.


    • September 12, 2019 11:31 PM EDT
      • E. Helena , Montana
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      Ted, Colin,

      Appreciate the nice clear photo Ted! Both of you are very correct after looking at the link that Ted supplied. Many of the handrails are painted with silver centers and white ends. That'll be good information for me when I paint them. There is another picture that I couldn't seem to provide here because it wouldn't download from eBay. That photograph shows the front handrails much clearer and it also shows the side, front handrails as well. I do see what you are referring to Colin about the wrong angle at the bottom and this makes me believe that maybe this is a combination of USA trains and Aristocraft handrail sets, although I'm not sure until I see them. One thing for sure, between both sets of handrails, the ones that I ordered from USA and this set, I should be able to make a usable set that will look good. I'll paint them silver except for the handrails that show white as a color on Ted's photos.

      Like you guys suggested and I kind of figured, I'll paint all 8 ends white in addition. I really appreciate your input and I'll let you know what I find when they arrive and if they'll fit or have to be modified. I'm not a handrail expert so I hope I can handle this project! I'll post some photos when they arrive and I'm finished.

      Thanks again everyone! Ken 

    • September 13, 2019 1:40 AM EDT
      • San Mateo, California
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      Ken, so you can see what the U25B railings (both side types and end types) look like, there is a loco on ebay the shows them in the foam packing:


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