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    • May 16, 2019 10:19 AM EDT
      • Spokane Valley, Washington St.
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      Rio Grand yellow Paint/ Nomad red

      Referring to Mickey Kelley's post in Rolling Stock.

      Has anyone found an exact or close match paint to the AMS "Grand Gold" plastic passenger cars?

      And the roof silver.

      I want to paint a boxcar to match the cars. And build a couple open excursion cars that are used on the Silverton.

      Also, I'm going to bash up a Nomad Parlor car, so I need the Nomad red/purple.

      Please post brand, color number or any info you can.


    • May 16, 2019 6:55 PM EDT
      • Denver, Colorado
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          John, if you have one of the cars or a picture that has the right color, you might go to your local hardware store and go through the zillions of color patch samples they have from various paint manufacturers and find the closest one in a matte finish, then get a small pint (I think they're pints).




    • May 16, 2019 9:07 PM EDT
      • Fort Wayne, Indiana
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      Poly Scale D&RGW Yellow # 414257 is the closest I found at my LHS. The dome‘s are painted In the Poly Scale D&RGW yellow. The headlight is an Accucraft...came that color. And the rest of the yellow on the loco is Bachmann original. 


      This post was edited by Jason V. at May 16, 2019 10:05 PM EDT
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