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    • March 14, 2019 9:45 AM EDT
      • Hendersonville, North Carolina
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      Mason Bogie Kit For Sale

      Way back when, I participated in a Master Class on that involved building, from scratch, a Mason Bogie locomotive.  This effort, although short-lived, was due to my extreme infatuation with this particular engine that was, at the time, not commercially available.  I made pretty good progress until, low and behold, Accucraft finally came out with the exact engine in brass. This commercially produced engine was also based on Dave Fletcher's Masterclass. So, after all these years, approximately 13 of them, I've determined that I will never complete it.

      So here's what I'm offering for sale at York.

      1. A complete set of plans including the PDF's and other assorted information. A couple of hundred pages.

      2. A wooden cab kit.


      A nice compartmentalized plastic box containing many extra castings.



      The next 2 photos illustrate the parts I've accumulated/built.




      You will notice that the chassis is partially completed and the styrene 3 axel truck is complete with metal spoked wheels.  Many parts for the cylinders and drive rods have been assembled.


      A lot of the hard work has been done.  Some styrene sheets, tubes, and paint is all you need.  You can still get decal sets for these from Stan Cedarleaf.


      All this for only $500.  If any one is interested in this challenging project, I will bring all the stuff to YORK.






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