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  • Topic: Ridge Live Steamers Third Ops of this Winter Seasone

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    • January 14, 2019 6:27 AM EST
      • Southern Illinois
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      Ridge Live Steamers Third Ops of this Winter Seasone

      Next weekend is this Winter's Third Scheduled Car Card/Waybills Operations of the Ridge Live Steamers in Dundee, Florida.  If you are escaping from the frigid north or just in Florida for whatever reason stop on by.  Always room for more crew and getting involved with riding a way freight or just passengers on one of the two scheduled passenger trains that run on the hour, both Saturday and Sunday.

      We are busy with adding timber trackage into the Nacala Woods and it probably won't be open for OPs, but you can see our progress in this lumbering area with minimum 4 percent grades and winding through the pines.  

      Check out our website for more info and how to join us.


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