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    • January 5, 2018 8:28 PM EST
      • Castro Valley, CA
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      I built 3 bridges and a 12 foot trestle all out of heart redwood back in 2005 to have ready for the 2006 NGRC. I used mostly Titebond lll to glue everything together. The redwood was then stained with an Olympic Stain product...

      Here is a photo of my 5 foot Howe Truss Bridge after all of the woodwork was completed but before it was installed on my layout. Still have to thread and install the 70 bronze welding rods that I used...

      Here is it during the 2006 National Garden Railway Convention. The welding rods were still blackened in this photo but over time they developed a wonderful scale rust appearance.

      And here is is 10 years later during the 2016 NGRC

      Not a single loosened glue joint! I did a recoat of the stain back in 2015 and had to replace one of the top braces that got busted by a falling branch from the large Oak Tree overhead... But otherwise all of the redwood bridgework has held up exceptionally well... Build your bridge with confidence that the Titebond lll glue joints will last!

      Russ Miller

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    • January 5, 2018 8:51 PM EST
      • Defending the State of Exile! ,
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      Ron Hill said:

      What I want to do is glue a redwood bridge together to use on the layout. After building the bridge, would I need to paint the bridge (say a silver) to cover the wood and glue? I have been using pin nails where possible.

      I'm thinking on a bridge you would not want to use a pin nailer but a brad nailer instead (nail size makes a difference) ....however that is just what I'm thinking? If you are using redwood milled to the scale size then its kinda like dentures fixodent and forget it ...a little dab will do ya' but why paint it as redwood grays naturally and handles all the outdoor elements.

      However this is just my opinion, you can check out my website for further details that clearly make sense!

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