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  • Topic: Bluestone Southerns June Ops pics

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    • July 2, 2013 8:02 PM EDT

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      David Russell said:
      Nick S. said:

      Were are all the long Fast freights? 2,3,4 engines.......


      He's getting old Nick and can't handle all that anymore .....this is why he should give his son his Amfleet cars!




    • July 2, 2013 9:25 PM EDT
      • Nashville, IL
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      Nick S. said:

      SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET !!!!!!!!!!!!Were are all the long Fast freights? 2,3,4 engines.......

      Looks great, lots of room to run those modern choo choo's


      I didnt see no pictures of Marty, Did he neck you again..............:)

      Nick, My goal is to run double units on a train, non-elephant style, so short hoods always run first..   I'm still in the process of getting all my motive power painted and batteried up..   The only units we ran as double units were my EVWR and my Alton Southern GP-38's, tpgether...  

      The Rock Island GP-38's are Dan's engines... 

      And, No, Marty wasn't here in June, as a few weeks before then, He/family had another thing come up for that Saturday night that really shouldn't have been missed...  As I told him, we were planning more Ops sessions this year..


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