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    • September 18, 2019 7:46 PM EDT
    • Rooster picks up the crackpipe that Jim left laying in the forest end. Takes a hit and sets it back down in the desert end. Then goes back to surfing Amtrak porn.

    • September 18, 2019 7:17 PM EDT
    • Jim, this should be a great journey. I look forward to watching the layout come to life, literally. 

    • September 18, 2019 3:11 PM EDT
    • There you go, Jim! Didn't you say you were going to go all rock though? Anyway, finally! Green scenery to scale. And you have a great BAGRS plants resource in Nancy - she knows her stuff. Ready for the next open house, right?

    • September 18, 2019 1:24 PM EDT
    • I do have a list of plants, organized by trees, groundcovers, etc on my site that might be helpful:






    • September 18, 2019 12:46 PM EDT
    • Greg: I'll be documenting it all here (partly so I can remember what we plant later!) including where we end up buying. I think Nancy said we are zone 9? Temperature range is from 32F to 105F or so. I've added sunsails over much of the layout to try to temper the brutal summer afternoon sun. We'll see how it all works.


      Sean, Dan: thanks. I'm hoping this will be a fun and drastic transformation. I'm getting tired of dirt.


      [edited to fix the zone]

    • September 18, 2019 12:29 PM EDT
    • Please keep us informed, I will be interested in your choice of "trees" that will work in your climate, which is similar (but a bit hotter) than here in coastal San Diego.


      Also will be interested in where you buy your plants, Miniforest in Oregon might be a good choice, since Miniature Plant Kingdom in Sebastopol is gone now.




    • September 18, 2019 9:07 AM EDT
    • Great news Jim! Can't wait to see the transition from dirt to planting.

    • September 18, 2019 6:38 AM EDT
    • Hmm .. I wonder how long before we see it in the mag.... Keep us up to date .. This should be a nice project to watch and learn ..

    • September 18, 2019 12:25 AM EDT
    • I will admit that, until now, I have shown no ability to keep plants alive (I once killed a cactus by underwatering it, for example). Given that the Durango & Jasper is meant to be a garden railroad, this clearly needs to change.


      Starting from such a stunning position of ignorance, I've decided to take advantage of a lucky coincidence and hire Nancy Norris, the gardening editor for Garden Railway magazine, to plan, install, and teach me about these living things that I will be nurturing.  She lives not far from me.


      Nancy came by a couple of weeks ago for an initial chat:



      We chatted about my vague plans and she seemed to like the general flow. She had lots of good ideas and we modified my initial thinking. Here's a track plan with some colors to mark the different zones as I loosely described them to her:



      In the forest area we have, of course, trees. The peninsula in the center is a log loading area and we chatted a bit about making that have some different colors and perhaps some bonsai-like plants. The desert area will have succulents and cacti of various kinds. The transition will attempt to make a smooth segue from forest to desert. We also spoke about adding some more drama in some of the rock formations.


      Nancy will be here in a couple of days to take the next step of selecting specific plants and getting more detailed about what to do. The last time she was here we ended up buying a few hundred pounds of rocks, some that are a bit of a contrasting color to the existing granite, to build some interest near the right end of the transition area (we were talking about something we called a "rock fall" in that area).


      I plan to document here the various decisions and the progress as we go along.




    • September 5, 2019 3:48 PM EDT
    • I get it now (I was confused too), make a fold up sector plate... does a double duty


      have the moving part fold up...



    • September 5, 2019 11:13 AM EDT
    • Rick,


      the thought was that something like this sector plate was added to his stub end yard, on a fold up section, he could then drive trains strait into the shed, then fold up when he needed to close the doors.


      AL P.

    • September 5, 2019 10:33 AM EDT
    • I don't understand. (there is lots I don't understand, but that's another subject)  Please explain.

    • September 4, 2019 10:25 AM EDT
    • Sorry it has taken so long but my though would be to combine the sector plate in this picture with hinged section in second picture

      this flip up section,

      note that the hinges were raised to rail height for a smooth transition on the track


      Al P.


    • July 28, 2019 5:49 PM EDT
    • Richard,

      consider adding a one legged turntable / kind of a mini fiddle yard. this would be one loco length of you longest loco, and can pivot between the three tracks. I have one on one end of my railroad and it works great, it allows you to pull a train in and drop your train, then run around it on an escape track. I  will try to get you a picture tomorrow to show you mine. it doesn't take up much space, and could possibly be configured to fold up.

    • July 28, 2019 5:03 PM EDT
    • Greg, the shed is 8x12 overall.  When we purchased it at the HD it didn't look that big in the parking lot...when they built the thing in our backyard my wife and I were surprised at the size.  We've since gotten used to it and think it is going to work really well.  It's tall enough to stand up comfortably.  I'm going to build a 20" deep shelf along the entire length of the left side wall above where the track is laying on the floor.  Planning to lay about 3 strips of track and a couple of switches for staging the trains. The next thing (hopefully before I go back to work as a teacher) is to add a bridge the outside that will connect to the railroad.

      It's supposed to get to 107 today and I've got the little AC unit as can be in the shed!


    • July 28, 2019 4:37 PM EDT
    • Nice, what is the overall dimensions of the shed? It looks tall in the pictures too.



    • July 28, 2019 3:50 PM EDT
    • Thought I'd share a few pictures of my summer project converting a Tuff Shed into a train workshop/storage facility.  Insulated the walls and added some electricity and lighting, as well as a window type AC unit.  All my locomotives and rolling stock will be housed here.  My next phase this week is to build the 20" deep staging area for the train to go out the pet door onto the railroad.  It will be nice to free up our dining room table of all train related projects...


    • July 9, 2019 7:17 AM EDT
    • Jon Radder said:

       Only problem I know how screwy building on top of living trees can get.

      Just call Burl ...