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    • February 19, 2019 10:23 PM EST
    • Thanks Todd! I added the hardware cloth to the back side of the “windows” after I had glued the plastic glass , I never thought of about painting the cloth before but that is a great idea. I am thinking of adding some more windows so I may remove the hardware cloth and paint it. I went the easy way of putting the glass on by just gluing a big piece over the whole back side. Biggest problem was the lack of time to make it right, it will have to be a far away building. 20 foot rule!!!

      i do have more places I can add some I am kind of planning a small town of facades in one area, but will take some time, as I have bigger projects ahead of them.

    • February 19, 2019 3:35 PM EST
    • I'm a fan of facades like yours.   

      I noticed in your glamor shots that you used hardware clothe to make window grids, I have done the same and have experimented with putting them on the outside of the plexi and the inside, I think I like them on the outside better. I have also painted them to match the trim colour that helps them to blend in a bit but still look good.


      I like what you built.  It looks like you have more wall to cover so will you be building more ?


    • February 19, 2019 6:18 PM EST
    • most all are simply flawless! i can not decide which is the best model.

      i can only say, i like most:

      1. Scot Johnson's Produce Platform

      2. Jim Rowson's General Store

      3. Bill Barnwell's Diner


      with special mention of Eric Schade, the Muellers and Vic - who made real MIK-models!

    • February 19, 2019 3:56 PM EST
    • Amazing is the word to describe so many builds this year from the highly detailed to the fun and whimsical.  Thank you Dave for keeping the Spirit of Mik and this fun build challenge going. 


      Picking the top 3 was very difficult. 

      I'm a fan of cranes (who isn't)  so the 2 by Devon and Rick were really great to watch them take shape and these guys take the 2 top spots. I didn't know what a Heel Boom was but now I do.  In third is the amazing work by Scott Johnson.  I think POLA might come knocking to steal it from you.  

      1 Rick Marty

      2 Devon Sinsley

      3 Scott Johnson


      There were also so many runner ups.  I think we are all winners for stretching our skills, learning some new things and building something we can be proud of. 

      Well done everyone!  


    • February 19, 2019 12:03 PM EST
    • Wow, some incredible work this year! This could have gone a number of different ways, but here's my picks:

      1. Devon Sinsley

      2. Rick Marty

      3. Scott Johnson

      Honorable Mentions: Jim Rowson, Dan Hilyer, Dave Taylor

    • February 19, 2019 11:42 AM EST
    • Oh man oh man, tough choice this year. So many apples to oranges with the variety of builds. In the end I knew that more than modeling skill must preside. Concept and material choice were of equal importance. Therefore I chose:


      1st place, Vic Smith: Silverfish- this is also my pic for "Spirit of Mik" as it is whimsical and made of paper!

      2nd place, Scott Johnson: Produce Platform - Fantastic structure with lot of details details details.. Hello My name is Boomer and I am addicted to details.

      3rd place, Todd Haskins: Doodle Bigger -  A great kit-bash well done .  I feel your pain Todd as I am in the middle of the most difficult kit-bash I have ever done.


      and of course honorable mention for the "Crane brothers" Rick and Devon. You both out did yourselves.



      Another outstanding year of "MIK, just MIK". Thanks for the legacy old buddy and to Dave and BD for keeping it alive.


    • February 19, 2019 11:01 AM EST
      1. Devon Sinsley-Steam Crane
      2. Rick Marty-Steam Crane
      3. Scott Johnson-Produce Store

    • February 19, 2019 9:07 AM EST
    • 1st Devon crane .. not only did he built it  .. he researched on what and how it worked.. he learned about 3d printing as well ... his work has improved because of this.. " He finished it "

      2nd Jim's store .. he tried new things for him and they came out totally great!

      3rd goes to Scott .. outstanding build .. first timer as well

      Todd's doodle bug .. hey we ran out of prizes...

      If we could have a tie .. the two cranes. Ricks is soo good..

    • February 19, 2019 8:03 AM EST
    • First...Rick's Crane...followed closely by Devon's...... you said we had to choose!

      Second  ... Todd's ultradoodlebug

      Third ... Jim's store

      Great fun all


    • February 19, 2019 7:20 AM EST
    • Dave Taylor's boxcar fleet.

      Jim Rowson's Mercantile structure.

      Todd Haskins' Doodlebug

      Eric's Family for the MIK


      It will be hard to best the spirit that was restored this year with going back to the basic 'Build Something' challenge.

      Thank you all for the pleasure

    • February 18, 2019 9:48 PM EST
    • Man, this is hard.  All the builds this year were great and my hat's off to all that participated but the rules say we must choose so here goes.


      1) Jim - Mackenzie's Mercantile.  Jim's building was different but true to the inspirational building.  The signs and lighting make the building come to life and the roofing materials give some insight into the history of the structure.


      2) Dave - Boxcars.  The detailing on the standard box cars really bring the cars to life.  But the show piece is the wagon top boxcar.  The curved roof draws your eyes to the car and then all the other details come to life like the solid AND jail bar doors.  Really nice work.


      3) Devon - Backwoods Crane.  The detail on the engine is great, but that is the second thing that catches my eye.  The first, is the overall look.  Devon stated he wanted a backwoods look and I think he certainly achieved that.  The crane looks as if it was used for 50 years before Devon's logging crew got a hold of it and they have put another 20-30 years on it.  Great job.


      Honorable Mention) Eric - "ka'a wa'a" (double hulled sailing locomotive),  Wahineokaalahao (Lady of the Iron Road).  Very unique and fun build and as other's have stated, a family build.  

    • February 18, 2019 8:31 PM EST
    • Like Dev said, this IS impossible!


      OK, here goes.


      #1 Jim's store

      #2 Todd's doodlebug

      #3 Tie between Dev's and Rick's cranes

    • February 18, 2019 7:56 PM EST
    • Okay this is impossible. I think we stepped up the level this year. And everyone really did a great job of junk bin building. But if we must.


      #1 Eric Mueller's wife. She made the requirement that it be a family hobby and not Eric's hobby. And Eric followed through. So just because Oldest Daughter, Oldest Son, Youngest Daughter, and Kidzilla all participated I vote for the Mueller family. And its a really fun whimsical build.


      #2 Jim Rowson. Overall just a very nice building. But all the ingenuity that went into it, new techniques, took it over the top.


      #3, Scott Johnson. Another awesome building made from pieces parts and with great small attention to detail.


      But I want to give a hats off to everyone. Really this was about impossible to decide. And tomorrow I will feel differently about my choices.

    • February 18, 2019 3:49 PM EST
    • First: Rick Marty's steam crane


      Second: Devon Sinsley's steam crane


      Third: Scott Johnson's produce platform

    • February 18, 2019 2:45 PM EST
    • #1 both Devon's and Marty's steam cranes, and guess if I had to pick 1 over another I would pick Devon's and only because it looks like it just came out of the woods, Marty's is also great but maybe too perfect a show of excellent workmanship, thanks to you both. #2 Scott Johnson's produce platform  because I believe it showed the best in recycled goods, great looking build. # 3 Dave Taylor and Jim Rowson, Dave because of it extra effort to build so many cars in such a short time, and Jim for the grand look of the build and the many helpful hints he gave everyone just like the MIK, there ought to be a award for the craziest one and that would have to go to Vic Smith's silver fish rail car especially with his past presentations of crazy builds, and last but not least Eric Muller, his devotion to his kits and supporting there interest in trains, his use of playmobil and figures for setting scenes in the true spirit of MIK. All of the builds were great and everyone deserves a hand, Bill.    

    • February 18, 2019 11:25 AM EST
    •    Vic, I swear on my grandmother's toenails you took the picks right off my draft board.


         First Place, the Two Cranes. I made up my mind a few days ago. I'm actually kind of ticked Vic beat me to it! No way to separate these two builds, no way they can't be my favorites, no way I wouldn't want both of them on my railroad. Brilliantly done, both Rik and Devon.


         Second Place, Jim Rowson's General Store. Well crafted, great color, the signs are wonderful, and it's all carried out in convincing detail.


         Third Place, Dave Taylor's detailed and scratchbuilt boxcars, especially since he should get some kind of mention for accomplishing the most work in the least time.


         First-Timer Award: Scott's Produce Platform. The best first-timer we've seen in years, maybe ever.


         Honorable Mention: John Passaro, for accomplishing the least work in the most time!


         p.s.: Todd's Doodlebug is a blueprint for a future addition to my RR, well done.





    • February 19, 2019 4:43 PM EST
    • Just wondering if you have ever tried Kydex, the stuff I've used is black, sooth on 1 side and pebbly on the other, it's moldable and very heat resistant, glues easily, bendable and might come in white you can get it from amazon. Makes great looking gravel roofs and tar paper roofs with pebbly side up. Picture is from my playmobil sawmill and the roof on the steam engine was painted white, let dry then painted black and again let dry. Then I blocked sanded just enough to get the black off the bumps leaving the black and it gave me a nice textured multicolored roof, Bill

         boiler room

    • February 18, 2019 7:32 PM EST
    • Thanks Dave.


      I will be getting some. Not 300 feet

    • February 18, 2019 12:12 PM EST
    • Devon,  It's a photo mounting tissue, generally used for mounting photographs and art work to a substrate.  Put the tissue between the photo and mounting board, Heat with a heat press or an iron, and cool.

      I get the product in commercial 24" rolls 300 ft. long.  I know its available in cut sheets at craft/hobby/art stores. and amazon.


       Do a Amazon such for " Dry Mount Tissue "

    • February 19, 2019 3:45 PM EST
    • Good job.  Your diner looks like one that could be spotted on street corners in many small cities.  The signs and coffee pot really bring it together but having a cup of coffee with a hot tamale ?  What a varied menu! LOL

      Now all you need to build is maybe a mailbox and a couple newspaper boxes,  OPEN signs and the perpetual "Help Wanted" sign in the window.