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    • May 1, 2020 7:40 PM EDT
    • You need a large load of 1/4 minus Cuz

    • May 1, 2020 10:58 AM EDT
    • Andy Clarke said:

      What Matt really needs to do is get that bridge installed...

      Then we can run trains in opposite directions and play like

      the Addams Family..     hehehe      





    • April 24, 2020 11:22 AM EDT
    • What Matt really needs to do is get that bridge installed...

      Then we can run trains in opposite directions and play like

      the Addams Family..     hehehe      

    • April 23, 2020 8:18 PM EDT
    • Thanks Mike! I have a few ideas that I would like to do, but for now.....I'll just run some long trains. I've been missing your youtube vids man!!!! 


      Thanks Andy!!!

    • April 23, 2020 11:34 AM EDT
    • Matt, the addition looks fantastic..  

      You are going to have a lot of fun running it...

    • April 23, 2020 11:22 AM EDT
    •  Wow Matt , the railroad looks great. That's a lot of real estate to work with . Now you need a couple of passing sidings , a small yard along the back fence etc. It's always fun spending other peoples money.

    • April 23, 2020 10:16 AM EDT
    • Thanks Sean!


      Morning Ric!! Thank you!! Yeah, virus has me busy......working on hobbies. haha. I got the expansion done in a week compared to it probably taking me all summer with my day job slowing me down. I like this ladder system too. I wish I would have done that on the original part of the layout. But, it's just floating track. It does quite well, but does require some track maintenance occasionally. I actually push mow my yard. So, it is simple to mow. I mowed it yesterday. I'll spray ground clear(rm-43 from rural king), between the ladder to keep the grass from coming up between the rails. 


      Thanks Dave! Nope they are mine. Somehow Andy's cars all stay clean. lol!


    • April 23, 2020 9:22 AM EDT
    • Looks good Matt. Did you borrow (hehe) a few of Andy's excess cars for that run.

      Hide this from Rooster, he'll just want to run Amtrash on it

    • April 23, 2020 8:08 AM EDT
    • Morning Matt,


      Fantastic Work!  I can see that "the Virus" has impacted you.    I've always like the ladder method for track foundation.  What are your plans for cutting grass and maintenance inside the loop?  Can you drive your lawnmower over the ladder track without impact? 


    • April 23, 2020 7:06 AM EDT
    • Andy Clarke said:

      Sean, he only needs about 5 foot..   Everything seems larger in pictures/film...    

      Did you borrow Andy's hydraulic track stretcher ..  

      WOW ..... that looks great !!!


    • April 22, 2020 7:25 PM EDT
    • Progress has been made..........





      First train on the new section



    • May 1, 2020 1:49 PM EDT
    • Nice run, Matt....   

    • May 1, 2020 1:13 PM EDT
    • Hopefully the engines don't run outa juice about halfway around that loop...................

    • May 1, 2020 11:35 AM EDT
    • Joe, I use RM-41 to kill the grass. I get it at Rural King. I spray it between the rails. The grass should be dead in about 2 weeks or less. I push mow my yard, so I just run the mower along the sides of the track. 

    • May 1, 2020 11:33 AM EDT
    • Matt,

      What is your plan to keep the grass at bay?

    • May 1, 2020 11:01 AM EDT
    • This time I run the train up the grade, around the storage shed, and out onto the new main. So far, no issues! The dip going to the bridge looks pretty drastic in the video, but it's not even noticeable in person. I put a few dips along the line, here and there, to have the train snake up and down in places. 


    • April 27, 2020 5:25 PM EDT
    • Ive been working on my new Accucraft Forney...7/8" scale.  Ive learned a lot about it.  it is not a runner right out of the box but with some work is a good runner.  My buddy Steve came over with his engine and we got it running well too.

      the first thing we did was change the gas jet and seal the air space around the burner under the firebox.  then we modified the suspension to get more motion out of it so that it would track better.  the jet buisiness worked well, the suspension was an improvement.  we still took some spills, my track is a little rough yet even though I spent some time last week working on it.  

      we had a good time running together double headed.  mine now has radio control which helped keep the speed within reason.  I have also modified mine with a wooden cab etc.  I cannot leave well enough alone.

      one more video from last week just playing around with several locos and trains.

    • April 21, 2020 10:51 PM EDT
    • Yeah a bad axle caused a derailment! Actually I got that looks brand new car (Aristo)  for $10 with a broken kingpin/ bolster pin. one of these days I will find a proper size plastic round and make a plug to repair it and get some KaDee trucks  and couplers for it and it will be new again. thought I would put the scene to give some interest. Thanks for noticing!

    • April 21, 2020 9:07 PM EDT
    • Great videos, Pete.  Glad to see trains running.  Did I miss the news story on the boxcar on the side of the tracks in the first video