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    • December 25, 2019 1:29 AM EST
    • Speaker goes to pins 9 and 10.  You appear to have wires there going somewhere.

    • December 24, 2019 11:09 PM EST
    • Sierra sound board for sure. The two screw terminals give it away, and the two buttons for "programming". Not sure on the other board.

    • December 24, 2019 7:38 PM EST
    • Looks like Sierra Sound card with a Bachman I/O Card or similar ilk to me.



    • December 24, 2019 3:25 PM EST
    • Looks like old PH hobbies sound unit, may be an rc unit in there.... need pix with wires out of the way.


      Speaker is probably under the boiler.



    • December 24, 2019 3:00 PM EST
    • Got it!  So, I just took off the coal load in the back and this is what I see.  I don't see any speaker inside for sound.

    • December 24, 2019 1:45 PM EST
    • Yep, traditional setup is bell one side, whistle the other. LGB makes magnets that snap into the track near one rail or the other, you then have sound system triggering at fixed points.



    • December 24, 2019 1:33 PM EST
    • Those look to me like reed switches for sensing magnets embedded in the track, possibly to trigger sound effects. Just a guess, however...


      Here's one I found on amazon [link]



      [edited to fix typo and to add link and image]

    • December 24, 2019 1:29 PM EST
    • I purchased a Bachmann Heisler on eBay a while back and pulled it out of the box to do some mods on it today and noticed for the first time these things glued to the front of the rear truck.  What are they?


    • December 23, 2019 8:43 PM EST
    • You know what's interesting Greg is that what you and I would consider less interesting, cheaper locomotives, the public absolutely adores. I'm a little confused however about what you mean by a $25 gear. Are you referring to a gear that I could purchase from Bachmann or is this an item that's is made by Jiro because I definitely want one if it's going to work. It kind of sounds like by what Pete was saying, that the gear is available through some sort of auction? Forgive me for acting a little dumb here but I'm still a little bit confused. 

      Pete, by the way, I can remove the gear out of the drive without an issue but I didn't want to tear the whole locomotive apart unless I knew I could get the gear. I do see your point about needing information about the diameter and how many teeth it has but as you can see in the photo, there aren't too many teeth left to count, so I don't know if we'll get that accurate count.

      I'll contact Jiro immediately when I get the information from you and see if they can help me. The circus locomotive seems to be a bit expensive and I really hate to take a perfectly good locomotive apart when it is operational and running.

      If you find contact information I'll go ahead and contact them though. Thank you for your dedicated search for that info.

    • December 23, 2019 7:17 PM EST
    • If you don't send it it, a count of the teeth is also important.



    • December 23, 2019 5:51 PM EST
    • Greg Elmassian said:

      Last time I heard about $25 a gear, but maybe you have to buy 2 or 3 to make it worth his while.

       I think he likes that there might be a bigger market than just a one-off. He made 6 and I got 3, so he still has 3 I think, for $25 each incl shipping.

      I'm thinking $40 for a spare parts engine would make a lot of sense if the loco is as popular as you indicate.


      Agreed. However, the $40 is the starting bid and the bid closes in 3 days. But they are quite easy to find.


      Ken, Jiro will need your gear to make a copy, which means you will have to take it out. Can you measure the diameter accurately without removing it? That might tell us if it is worth removing. I'll find his email for you tomorrow. 

    • December 23, 2019 1:39 PM EST
    • Last time I heard about $25 a gear, but maybe you have to buy 2 or 3 to make it worth his while.


      I'm thinking $40 for a spare parts engine would make a lot of sense if the loco is as popular as you indicate.



    • December 23, 2019 12:45 PM EST
    • That's definitely an idea Dan, if I am unable to find a gear. 

      Pete, Appreciate the info. Do you have a number for Jiro? Second question here but do you remember the cost of having that gear made?

      I'll check out the other link and the loco. on Ebay. 

      I just wonder if the gear on this engine is the same as Bachmann's because I have a new Bachmann gear somewhere but I dont think they look the same. I could be wrong though. I'll search for it and compare the two.

      Really appreciate your help. 

      Let you know.


    • December 23, 2019 7:31 AM EST
    • Just push it with the LGB powered tender!!

    • December 22, 2019 2:48 AM EST
    • [url=][img][/img][/url]



      Hey there,

      We are on a search for a gear setup or a parts engine with good gears for our new addition. This Keystone locomotive is in need of the main gear that comes off the worm gear and 1 axle gear which is still good but slightly worn and slips just a little. We have had Keystone locomotives in our program for years and years with no problems as long as you don't pull too many cars which I'm assuming this engine may have done. If anybody's got a spare drive or locomotive with a good drive, please let us know or if anyone has the correct gears that would be great too. The engine is in new shape and we get a lot of requests from kids to run these locomotives the most, so we'd really like to get it going. It may take a while but I think eventually we'll find something to fix it with. Any ideas would be appreciated.

      Thank you!


    • December 8, 2019 8:49 AM EST
    • Not a problem, I wound up mounting a # 835 to a cross beam and securing to the flat tab that is just below the boiler, not using the factory stack but I have a part of a loop coupler in the slot to prevent it from warping and the screw that holds it altogether coms from underneath and threads into a furniture fitting that is screwed into the lead weight. Old Joe now has a coupler, thanks, Bill

    • December 8, 2019 7:58 AM EST
    • The front coupler on that stainz engine is not screwed into place, it is inserted into the body (which locks the steam chest to the bottom frame) and is held in place by the smoke stack which goes through a hole in the rear of the loop coupler bracket.  Also the smoke stack holds the weight in place.  In the 2010 diagram the LGB loop coup[ler is part 55 and the spare part by LGB at trainli is 

      LGB 20100-E055

      If this part is removed from the engine then the 'front' of the engine is not locked together and when you tighten the smoke stack nut it will warp the plastic on the bottom of the engine.  This is why I stated above that this part needs to be modified to take the Kadee coupler.


    • December 8, 2019 6:21 AM EST
    • You can also email Sam the coupler man at KaDee. There should be a link on the KaDee site. If there is a kit or coupler that is made for that application, he would know.

    • December 7, 2019 5:38 PM EST
    • When you go to their site, and pick couplers by scale, you can select the "G" scale which they call 1:22.5, or the #1 scale which they call 1:32.


      Most people in 1:29 use the "G" scale couplers.


      Once you select a scale, then all the couplers shown on the page are the same "size"


      (start on the Kadee site itself is my recommendation)