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    • April 18, 2017 7:08 PM EDT
    • I am not whining. . .maybe a little. . . See they say that necessity is the mother of invention. . .but laziness is the father of efficiency. A young hard working man knuckles down and get the work done. A fat out of shape old guy either finds someone else to do it or finds an easier way.

    • April 18, 2017 6:17 PM EDT
    • Want some cheese?

      Nobody said it would be easy, man this is a hobby, if you truly want it to grow, you have to work at it some!


      Are we having fun yet?

    • April 18, 2017 3:34 PM EDT
    • Beats the hell out of digging another 2 foot deep hole in my rock I have for ground. When you compare the price of fittings tot he cost on my old out of shape back those fittings are damn cheap. Not to mention a half a bag of cement for each hole that has to be loaded, unloaded, carried to the back yard mixed and shoveled into the hole. Whats a few bucks on fittings. Now I will say that I some how messed it up and ended up with it off set and not even distance between the two. But it is stable, surprisingly and once the dirt is there it will be nice and firm.

    • April 18, 2017 12:17 PM EDT
    • Straight pipe is cheep, it's the couplings that add up quickly ....


      Somehow, to this frugal old man, that looks Bass Ackwards!


      I kid because I can.


      Hurry up and bury it! Hide the evidence...



    • April 18, 2017 9:27 AM EDT
    • I see that the three stooges helped with the pvc supports!

    • April 17, 2017 11:46 AM EDT
    • Page 49......

    • April 17, 2017 10:58 AM EDT
    • Looking good Devon. I like the rock walls.

    • April 17, 2017 5:11 AM EDT
    • WA Hooooo!

    • April 16, 2017 11:19 PM EDT
    • So with the boys help, as I said we built about 8 more feet of wall/raised bed.



      And I also got  some more of the bench work frame work done yesterday.


      I didn't get around to pouring the ladder supports in. I am thinking I will do a bunch of cement work next Friday morning before the boys get home from school. I have a few bent piers to do. I have also decided to add some more bench work but not sure how that will play out yet where the house and the fence meet. There is a bit having to work in an orderly fashion so I don't block myself into a corner. I also bought a new roll of geofabric so I can do more wall building and maybe even start doing the walk ways with gravel.


      All and all I am motivated and feel good about the weekends progress. Still have a couple weeks vacation to use since I haven't taken one yet.

    • April 15, 2017 8:54 PM EDT
    • good luck, Like the sound of your progress! Getting closer to breaking ground here... well should say stacking retaining block walls.

    • April 15, 2017 1:23 AM EDT
    • You all with get pictures Sunday.


      Yeah I hope its nice tomorrow for the meeting. And then after. I feel like with the boys working I will get things done.

    • April 14, 2017 10:04 PM EDT
    • Ya, even though we get to see your smiling face tomorrow at the meeting, we still want PICTURES!!  LOL


      Sounds like you're making some good progress Devon.  Sure glad the sun came out for a while today and hopefully even more tomorrow for the meeting.  I'm bring a train to run, I'm going through withdraws.  I haven't been able to get out on my layout with all this RAIN and fix the few little things so I can run.  See ya buddy.

    • April 14, 2017 9:24 PM EDT
    • Sounds like you are making good progress, Devon.  But you know the peanut gallery is going to want pics, as do I

    • April 14, 2017 9:21 PM EDT
    • I'm having a hard time believing what I ain't seeing.

    • April 14, 2017 9:03 PM EDT
    • OK I had a good day on the layout today. First I caught a mistake. I made one two many bents and I am glad I haven't poured the pad for it. So glad I caught that. Then I dug some post holes for the ladder supports and fit a section of ladder. I won't pour them in until Sunday. I rounded up my son and his friend. I hired them for the summer to help me. I brought in 3 yards of dirt with a dump truck. They started moving it from the road to the back yard by wheel barrow while I built the rock wall. We built about 8-10 feet of wall. Tomorrow I have a club meeting but at some point I will have the boys back at it for a couple hours more of wall building. I figure I am going to need about 4-5 loads of dirt and a heck of a bunch more rock.


      But with the boys help I think we will make short work of it.

    • April 14, 2017 6:42 AM EDT
    • Devon Sinsley said:  Bottom line I have to do something.

      We have been saying that since page 1! Hmmm were on page 48

    • April 13, 2017 10:29 PM EDT
    • Any excuse to male a brisket. I might make one this weekend as a sacrifice to the sunshine gods.


      I just brought in about three yards of fill dirt. It is somewhat dryer than the stuff my son was messing with last weekend. I have the boys coming over to start haling it tomorrow. I will need to pour the rest of the ladder supports tomorrow to accommodate this. That I can do in the rain if I have too.


      Bottom line I have to do something.

    • April 13, 2017 6:01 PM EDT
    • Devon Sinsley said:

      Ok to clarify the due date. I would have been the third Sat in July which would have been the 15th which was the club meeting. But I got bumped to the August meeting so thats August 19th. But to honor the title of this build thread and since my birthday is July 29 which is a Saturday I have set the first run for July 29th. I will be making a brisket in honor of the occasion.

      Hey, you want to make an honorary brisket for being able to run a locomotive back and forth on 3 feet of track, who am I to argue?

    • April 13, 2017 4:16 PM EDT
    • Sean McGillicuddy said:


      Nice info ... but how are you doing  building  the actual rail road?

      In a moment of weakness I will admit I am feeling a bit defeated. I am at a stall really. Our weather is really not being friendly at all. It will not stop raining. We had the rainiest march since like 1912 or some dumb thing. April isn't much better. We get one day of sunshine during the week when I am at work and then it rains all weekend. I am feeling discouraged at the moment.  It makes pouring concrete difficult, not to mention I don't want to stand out in the rain. My son tried to move dirt but it was just so wet and heavy it was pointless. I though about laying track on the ladder I have down but I need to move so much dirt that I don't want to worry about the track. Seems pre-mature.


      So this weekend I am going to try an rejuvenate myself and get out there with a tarp and an umbrella and pour my cement regardless. I can also get a little more bench work done. I have an idea for where my ore bin will go that will be mostly made in the shop. basically make that in benchwork as well. I hadn't thought about it until now but I could also be building my entrance fence and gate.  So I think come rain or come shine I will have to get out there and get something done. I have some money scrounged up to get more textile fabric which I can lay down and get crushed rock for walk ways in the done sections. I also with that fabric can go back to wall building. So its just a matter of getting out in the rain and sucking it up.