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    • March 2, 2019 6:43 PM EST
    • Remember knots are not uniform. By indenting the wood with different devices/profiles (such as a small phillips head ,torx bit ,dental pic, etc all with various sizes and profiles then work them around or not). Then go back with the "sharpies" and add your color (don't be afraid to add and mix various color). After the coloring is added take some 220 grit sandpaper or what ever you prefer for the roughness you are after and drag it downward on the piece (this applies to wood so if it's plastic suggest 600 or higher). Just like mother nature from the top to the bottom. Same applies with the nail streaks ...I love  sharpies and they are quite simple to work with or correct mistakes but there are no mistakes with weathering.



      However this is only my opinion and experience as I'm far from an expert on the issue. 

    • March 2, 2019 1:01 PM EST
    • Logs I use a small drill bit and make a indentation and paint the dimple a lighter color than the log, on lumber I just use paint the piece of new railing like in the hotel porch picture  

      switch tower postnew piece of railing

    • March 2, 2019 6:34 PM EST
    • Thanks Guys,


      I now have the major markings on one side. Time for side 2.  Stencils are cut and ready to go. Update - DONE






    • March 2, 2019 4:18 PM EST
    • That really came out nice.

    • March 2, 2019 10:16 AM EST
    • I like it

    • March 2, 2019 9:38 AM EST
    • Dan DeVoto said:

      Here's some interesting info on the steam snow plow.




      Yep, that's the story I mentioned.

      Only made one...

    • March 2, 2019 9:18 AM EST
    • Here's some interesting info on the steam snow plow.




    • March 1, 2019 11:38 PM EST
    • Now that is different, maybe not quite as successful as a traditional rotary or there would be more of them around.  


    • March 1, 2019 5:01 PM EST
    • What about a one of a kinder? Quite a story behind it....

    • March 1, 2019 11:43 AM EST
    • What about the plans that were in Garden Railroad mag. a while a go..  the late Ted Stinson drew then.

    • March 1, 2019 11:35 AM EST
    • Bob Wenger said:

      Where did you find the plans?


      The plans were drawn by Bill Roy back in the 70's.  Bill had a model building business called McKenzie Iron and Steel Co. in Eugene, OR. He also published a Magazine called TimberBeast.

      Bill and his model kits and mag were very well known in the logging modelers community.  Unfortunately Bill passed away a few years ago.


      Wiseman Models is now producing the McKenzie line of models but I have no idea where a copy of the plan sheets that Bill drew could be found, too bad because he produced a lot of cool drawings of logging equipment.

    • March 1, 2019 11:25 AM EST
    • Image result for first submarine I thought I saw something like that the other day while look @ old submarine pics..

      It looks more likely a Niagara falls barrel ..

    • March 1, 2019 11:12 AM EST
    • That will be one cool little wedgie.

      I think your boss is right to forget the rotary because it takes a certain type of snow for it to function properly whereas a wedge can power through fluffy to wet stuff. 

      You can also use a wedge to push aside leaves and twigs etc..

    • March 1, 2019 9:51 AM EST
    • Where did you find the plans?

    • March 1, 2019 8:23 PM EST
    • Dan Gilchrist said:
      I'm adding it to an NW2 cause I can't leave anything stock!


      It's a slippery slope Dan but I understand

    • February 28, 2019 11:20 PM EST
    • Ah the good 'ld Simpson Logging Railroad out of Shelton, WA. The only SW locomotives to be equipped with dynos. Let me guess the locomotive: McCleary SW1200

    • February 28, 2019 10:07 PM EST
    • Todd Brody said:

      Dynamic brake enclosure.

      Yes!  Nice job Todd!  I thought it would take longer for someone to get it.  I'm adding it to an NW2 cause I can't leave anything stock!

    • February 28, 2019 9:56 PM EST
    • Cliff Jennings said:

      Something to do with an outdoor HVAC unit?

      Good guess but no.

    • February 28, 2019 9:56 PM EST
    • Dynamic brake enclosure.

    • February 28, 2019 9:53 PM EST
    • Flux core capacitor cover?