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    • January 15, 2019 7:13 AM EST
    • Vic Smith said:

      Pic of the finished model 

      Do you think Duluth trading has copyrights to this ?

      Image result for duluth angry beaver This would look right @ home under the cab window....



    • January 14, 2019 9:09 PM EST
    • I used basswood, it's easy to work with and hard enough to be durable. Pic doesn't show it but the couplers are swivel mounted like a tram, kinda necessary given the overhang.

    • January 14, 2019 8:14 PM EST
    • That's pretty neat Vic, I'd like to see how it runs on the layout. What material did you use to extend the chassis to match the bodies?

    • January 14, 2019 4:54 PM EST
    • Now that makes an interesting beast.

      Is definitely in the flavor of some real locomotives out there as documented in places like Geared Steam.

    • January 14, 2019 4:27 PM EST
    • Pic of the finished model 

    • January 13, 2019 1:32 PM EST
    • Hi all,

      I made a lot of progress this weekend. Running boards are finished (except for the stairs over the air compressor) and the boiler and smokebox have been painted.

      I even sent it out on one of the branch lines for a flanger turn :


      I still have lots of piping to add and other small details, a crew, then weathering. Last week somebody asked me what it looked like before I began - here's a shot of the donor:




    • January 8, 2019 6:48 PM EST
    • Really like where this build is going! I have often wondered why few people model this prototype. You are doing great in replicating it!

    • January 8, 2019 1:15 PM EST
    • Thanks, guys. And especially thank you, Sean - sometimes I get tunnel vision when doing a build and miss the obvious. I ordered some quality couplers from Burl.




    • January 7, 2019 7:10 PM EST
    • It is shaping up to be a right fine model.

    • January 7, 2019 8:09 AM EST
    • Great work .... However ... the coupler looks ..what the word ..toy like..

      I wonder if there is a better option..


    • January 6, 2019 7:12 PM EST
    •  I built the brakeman's cupola on the tender from Rio Grande plans.

      Gee, and here I thought those were outhouses.


      (Yes Rooster, I am just kidding)


      That is incredible.

    • January 7, 2019 7:04 PM EST
    • looks good Jim.

    • January 7, 2019 11:03 AM EST
    •  Nice looking ore cars, Jim. Anxious to see them on the layout. 

    • January 7, 2019 10:55 AM EST
    • Thanks, all. As to growing a beard: I can paint a beard on just as well as anyone!

    • January 7, 2019 9:30 AM EST
    • Your ore car turned out great, nicely weathered too.  When did you grow a beard?

    • January 7, 2019 7:58 AM EST
    • Little ore cars came out great Jim

    • January 6, 2019 8:50 PM EST
    • Way too clean, it needs a thick layer of rock dust that matches your load, heavier on the side that dumps. The rush of rocks can create swirls and eddies...

      Other than that, most excellent.

      Mortar and pestle time!

    • January 6, 2019 6:59 PM EST
    • Ya' see....


      Looks Good!

    • January 6, 2019 6:46 PM EST
    • Nice paint on a fine build. Really pops

    • January 6, 2019 6:42 PM EST
    • Here's the "final" on the ore cart, at least one of them. This one will be perched near the mine, being pushed out. I need to make another one that will be posed actively dumping ore through a chute to one of the hoppers below.