A day in the life..........

...........of an RGS Engineer.  Not haveing  had but one session all sumer because of all the hot and humid weather , wed, Oct 20th seemed a perfect day to print out a switch list and run a train or maybe 2.Here's our assigment in Delores.



We fire up No 22, fill up the tender and see that out 3 hoppers are at the tipple.



 I & 2 are going with us and No 3 goes to the inbound track behind our caboose.



We pull out the caboose we need along with the hopper and get our train ready. Once that done we move the hopper back to the inbound track.


Backing out onto the main we're ready to run around our train and get started. 


 Looking at the switch list we see Mancos as our next stop.



We're off to Mancos.

off to mancos


Pulling into Mancos we see we have 3 cars to pick up at the freight siding and the 2 cars behind the engine are being spotted there.


 We leave the 2 cars we don't need at the depot and pull up past the switch with the 2 cars we need and back in and grab 1638, 8726 and 3506.

pulling up

 After back those 3 onto our train, we pull up past the switch and spot the 2 cars at the siding. 



We pull back on to the main and back onto our train , then check our list for the next assignment.



Looks like we head to Hesperus. swotchlist


Arriving in Hesperus, we see we have a few cars to shuffle around, so we'll take a break here for a few minutes.


looks like we have quite a bit to do and Hesperus can get tricky.