Mosquito Control Car

I took a LGB gondola and installed a center beam to hold mosquito coils.

The car holds four (4) full size coils which last at least two (2) evenings. They last for about six (6) hours. The coils are held in place with the stands that are provided with a package of coils. The stands are bent to hang onto the center beam, as shown. The coils give off alot of smoke and seems to keep the mosquitos away. I lined the bottom of the car with aluminum foil to prevent any accidental burning of the plastic.

The center beam is a piece of old fruit crate wood. Cut to the lenth of the inside of the gondola. It rests on two (2) cross beams which I notched and glued on the bottom of the center beam. The center beam is about 18" thick.

This entire setup can be taken out in seconds so that the gondola can be used for other loads.

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